New Jacques Ellul books - only in French!

11/11/2007 22:08

I did my research on Jacques Ellul and although I’ve not kept up to speed with the literature on him as much as I would like since I finished I’m quite excited to discover that there is what looks like a major (392pp) new study in French which has just come out.

It’s called Jacques Ellul: Une pensée en dialogue and is written by Frédéric Rognon who is Professor in Philosophy of Religion at the Faculty of Protestant Theology in Strasbourg.

Jacques Ellul : Une pensée en dialogue

He has said a little about Ellul at the publisher’s website and the introduction of the book is online.

It may be that there will be a revival of interest in him in France as there was recently a single volume (of 1040 pages !!) published containing eight of his theological works.

Again I can only find all the stuff in French but there is information and an interview with a former pupil of Ellul online and the book is described. In addition to a preface by Antoine Nouis and biblical index it includes the following books - links are to online PDFs of the English translations others of which are also available online:

  • Présence au monde moderne (1948) [Presence of the Kingdom]
  • Le livre de Jonas (1952) [The Judgment of Jonah]
  • l’Homme et l’argent (1953) [Money and Power]
  • Politique de Dieu, politiques de l’homme (1966) [The Politics of God and the Politics Of Man]
  • Contre les violents (1972) [Violence]
  • L’impossible prière (1972) [Prayer and Modern Man]
  • Un chrétien pour Israël (1986) [A Christian For Israel - untranslated]
  • Si tu es le fils de Dieu (1991) [If You Are the Son of God - currently being translated]

A volume singing his praises and demonstrating his foresight about our contemporary world was published back in 2004.

Jacques Ellul : L’homme qui avait presque tout prévu

I suspect I may come back and say more about him on this blog though of course what he would make of this form of communication is quite another matter....


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