Revisiting the Anglican Communion map

05/12/2007 23:18

The Fulcrum Newsletter I wrote and noted on the blog last week - entitled "The Anglican Communion: Mapping the Terrain" - led to a fascinating level of response, much of it critical.

As a result I’ve written two further pieces trying to engage with some of the issues raised. As they are rather too lengthy to put on the blog (though if there is demand then I can) I have posted them up online as PDFs.

The first is a general response on the challenges of mapping. This asks

  1. Is mapping – particularly of this level of complexity - a helpful exercise - particularly at the present moment?
  2. Is the map accurate and helpful?
  3. Where am I/are we on the map?
  4. What do we do with it?

The second has a focus on the main area of controversy in the mapping - the validity and usefulness of suggesting it is helpful to distinguish two approaches among conservatives on sexuality which I then labelled "rejectionist" and "reasserter".

This looks at

  1. Is it accurate and helpful to distinguish two positions on sexuality among conservatives?
  2. Are the names I gave accurate and helpful?
  3. Was the quotation I used an unfair slur on the "rejectionist" group?
  4. Are the distinguishing features I offered accurate and helpful?
  5. Does the distinction help understand the current tensions within the Communion?

I look forward (I think) to any further responses and ongoing discussion either here or on other blogs.


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