Some interesting articles relating to war

30/11/2007 23:09

Just discovered some interesting articles from recent journals - relating to war, law and terrorism - that are good online resources and you don’t need to subscribe to the journal to read them in full -

From the Journal of Political Philosophy -

Is Terrorism Morally Distinctive? by Samuel Scheffler, Mar 2006

On Following Orders in an Unjust War by David Estlund (with links to most of his other writing), June 2007

From Journal of Supreme Court History

Civil Liberties in War Time by Geoffrey R. Stone (Nov 2003) who argues

I have a simple thesis: In time of war—or, more precisely, in time of national crisis—we respond too harshly in our restriction of civil liberties, and then later regret our behavior. To explore this thesis, I will briefly review our experience in 1798, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Cold War and the Vietnam War. I will then offer some observations.


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