Boersma, Hans

Boersma, Hans

Hans Boersma is an evangelical theologian who serves as J.I. Packer Professor of Theology, Regents College, Vancouver. He did his doctoral work (at the State University of Utrecht) on the doctrine of justification in the 17th century Puritan theologian Richard Baxter but is best known for his work on atonement, especially the problem of violence and the atonement which is most fully discussed in his book, Violence, Hospitality and the Cross: Reappropriating the Atonement Tradition.




Refoming the Evangelical Conscience, Review of J. Daryl Charles, The Unformed Conscience of Evangelicalism: Recovering the Church's Moral Vision, Touchstone, Oct 2003.

Liturgical Hospitality: Theological Reflections On Sharing In Grace, [PDF] Journal for Christian Theological Research, 2003.


Atonement, Violence and Forgiveness

The Feet of God: In Stomping Boots Or Dancing Shoes?: The Trinity As Answer To Violence, The Geneva Society, Sept 1999.

The Disappearance of Punishment: Metaphors, Models & The Meaning of the Atonement, Books & Culture, Mar/Apr 2003.

Atonement as the Ecclesio-Christological Practice of Forgiveness In John Milbank, Radical Orthodoxy Roundtable, Sept 2003 [notes on presentation, with response from Milbank]. Abstract

Atonement and a Trinitarian Metaphysic of Love, Catalyst Online, Nov 2006


Atonement Theology in Contemporary Context, Course Outline

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