Brueggemann, Walter

Brueggemann, Walter

Until his retirement, Walter Brueggemann was William Marcellus McPheeters Professor of Old Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary. He has written numerous commentaries on Old Testament books (including Genesis, Isaiah, Jeremiah) as well as a major Theology of the Old Testament and other contributions to biblical studies. His has also contributed in the wide areas of biblical theology and hermeneutics and all his work has a strong ethical, especially social and political, element.



Unofficial Resource Site

The Totally Unofficial Walter Brueggmann Page (with numerous links to articles, interviews etc)

OT & Biblical Theology

Covenant As A Subversive Paradigm, Christian Century, Nov 1980

Rethinking Church Models Through Scripture, Theology Today, July 1991.

Biblical Authority: A Personal Perspective, Nov 2000 [as PDF]

The Bible As Scripture, Review of Childs, Isaiah, Christian Century, Dec 2001

Haunting Book-Haunted People (Jeremiah 36; Luke 4:16-40).

Meditation upon the Abyss: The Book of Jeremiah

Psalm 109: Three Times 'Steadfast Love.'

Remembering Rachel's Children: An Urban Agenda for People Who Notice

Twentieth-Century Old Testament Studies: A Quick Survey

Will Our Faith Have Children?

The Childs Proposal: A Symposium.

Sexual Ethics

The Gospel vs Scripture? Biblical theology & The Debate About Rites of Blessing [interview with Brueggemann], The Witness, Nov 2002.


Political/Social Ethics

A Biblical Perspective On The Problem of Hunger, Christian Century, Dec 1977.

Truth-Telling & Peacemaking: A Reflection on Ezekiel, Christian Century, Nov 1998

The Liturgy of Abundance, The Myth of Scarcity, Christian Century, Mar 1999.

The City in Biblical Perspective: Failed and Possible, Word & World, 1999 [PDF]

Brueggemann on violence [notes from Deep Memory Exuberant Hope], 2000.

Unmasking the Inevitable, The Other Side, July/Aug 2001.

Truth-Telling Comfort, Sermon on 12th Sept 2001.

Enough Is Enough, The Other Side, Nov/Dec 2001.

Entitled Neighbours: A Biblical Perspective On Living Wage, The Witness, May 2002.

Secretary of Woe, Sojourners, July/Aug 2002 ['What God & the genius of capitalism have in common. A Bible study on the book of Job. And much more].

How The Early Church Practiced Charity: Review of Peter Brown, Poverty & Leadership In the Later Roman Empire, Christian Century, June 2003.


Book Reviews

Review of Hardy & Ford, Praising & Knowing God, Theology Today, Apr 1986.

Review of Letty M. Russell, Feminist Interpretation of the Bible, Theology Today, July 1986.

Review of Childs, OT Theology In A Canonical Context, Theology Today, July 1986

Review of Trevor Williams, Form & Vitality in the World & God, Theology Today, Jan 1987.

Review of James A. Sanders, From Sacred Story to Sacred Text, Theology Today, Oct 1987.

Review of Letty Russell, Household of Freedom: Authority in Feminist Theology, Theology Today, Jan 1988.

Review of 3 books on history of UCC, Theology Today, July 1988.

Review of Barton, Oracles of God, Theology Today, July 1989.

Review of Gabriel Josipovici, The Book of God, Theology Today, Oct 1989.

Review of Wren, What Language Shall I Borrow?, Theology Today, Jan 1990.

Review of Aylward Shorter, Toward A Theology of Inculturation, Theology Today, Apr 1990

Review of Brooks & Collins, Hebrew Bible or Old Testament?, Theology Today, April 1991.

Review of Jon Levinson, Death & Resurrection of the Beloved Son, Theology Today, July 1994.

Review of Leon Wieseltier, Kaddish, Theology Today, Jan1999.

Listening To The Text, Review of Alter, The David Story, Christian Century, Nov 1999.


Ecumenism As The Shared Practice Of A Peculiar Identity, Word & World, Spring 1998 [PDF]

Passion & Perspective: Two Dimensions of Education in the Bible, Theology Today, July 1985.

Theological Education: Healing the Blind Beggar, Christian Century, Feb 1986.

The Preacher, The Text & The People, Theology Today, Oct 1990

Preaching As ReImagination, Theology Today, Oct 1995.

Conversations Among Exiles, Christian Century, July 1997

Suffering Produces Hope, Lecture April 1998.

Faith With A Price, The Other Side, July/Aug 1998.

A Story of Loss & Hope [on Isaiah], Sojourners, Nov/Dec 1998.

Hope In the Face of Loss, The Other Side, Mar/Apr 1999.

Off By Nine Miles (Is 60:1-7; Mt 2.1-12), Christian Century, Dec 2001

Walter Brueggemann and Emergent Church

19 Theses & Emergent Theological Conversation with Walter Brueggemann September 13-15, 2004 at All Souls Fellowship, Decatur, GA (includes text of the theses and MP3 downloads)

Addresses to Emergent Conference on Google Video - Day 1 (Part 1 and Part 2) and Day 2 (Part 1 and Part 2)

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Brueggemann on Google Video

18/12/2008 23:27
A number of videos including his addresses to the 2004 Emerging Church conference are accessible from here

Brueggemann on GodTube

18/12/2008 22:51
There are 5 videos (each about 10 minutes long) of Brueggemann speaking in Michigan in 2007 indexed here


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