Cahill, Lisa Sowle

Cahill, Lisa Sowle

Lisa Sowle Cahill is J. Donald Monan Professor, Boston College where she has taught since 1976 and has been a visiting professor at Georgetown and Yale Universities. She is a leading Roman Catholic moral theologian who has been willing to criticize and develop traditional teaching in relation to both sexual and medical ethics. She is Past President of both the Catholic Theological Society of America (l992-93) and the Society of Christian Ethics (l997-98).

Internet resources

Medical Ethics

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The Genome Project: More Than A Medical Milestone [PDF]


Sexual Ethics

Review of Lawler, Boyle & May Catholic Sexual Ethics, Theology Today, Jan 1986.

Silencing of Nugent, Gramick Sets A Novel Standard of Orthodoxy, America, August 1999 [on homosexuality]

A Christian Social Perspective on the Family, Mennonite Quarterly Review, April 2001.

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Embodiment & Justice For Women: Martha Nussbaum & Catholic Social Teaching, Von Hugel Institute, July 2003 [PDF]


Political/Social Ethics

Religious Views on War & US Response, Religion & Ethics News, Sept 2001 [transcript of panel discussion]

Is This Just War?, US Catholic, Dec 2001 [Interview]



On Being A Catholic Feminist, Lecture April 2003 [PDF]


Books Reviews

Review of James Gustafson, Ethics From A Theocentric Perspective: Theology & Ethics, Theology Today, July 1982.

Review of Joseph Allen, Love & Conflict: A Covenantal Model of Christian Ethics, Theology Today, April 1985.

Review of James Hanigan, As I Have Loved You: The Challenge of Christian Ethics, Theology Today, Oct 1986.

Review of Sharon Welch, A Feminist Ethic of Risk, Theology Today, Jan 1991.

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