Cavanaugh, William

Cavanaugh, William

William Cavanaugh is Associate Professor of Theology, Theology Faculty, University of St Thomas completed his PhD at Duke University (1996) under Stanley Hauerwas having previously studied at the Universities of Notre Dame and Cambridge. His ground-breaking doctoral work was published as Torture and Eucharist: Theology, Politics and the Body of Christ (Blackwell, 1998) and he has continued to write particularly in the areas of theological politics and economics, co-editing the Blackwell Companion to Political Theology. He is associated with the Radical Orthodoxy movement and involved in the Ekklesia Project (co-editing with David S. Cunningham, the Brazos series, Christian Practices of Everyday Life).


Internet Resources

Unofficial Internet Archive including links to various articles and reviews of his books

Political/Social Ethics

"A Fire Strong Enough To Consume The House": The Wars of Religion & The Rise of the State, Modern Theology, Oct 1995 [PDF]

The Unfreedom of the Free Market, from Wealth, Poverty & Human Destiny (eds Doug Bandow & David L. Schindler), 2003 [PDF]

At odds with the Pope: Legitimate Authority & Just Wars, Commonweal, May 2003.

The World in a Wafer: A Geography of the Eucharist as Resistance to Globalization, Modern Theology 15:2 (April 1999): 181-96 [PDF]

Killing for the Telephone Company: Why the Nation-State is Not the Keeper of the Common Good, Modern Theology 20:2 (April 2004) [PDF]

Terrorist Enemies and Just War, Center for Christian Ethics, Baylor University (2004) [PDF]

Violence, Religion and the State [draft]

Cardinal Pell and the Theology of the Nation State, transcript of interview with Cavanaugh, June 2005

The Empire of the Empty Shrine, talk and Q&A at Ekklesia conference, 2005 [MP3], summary offered here


The Ecclesiologies of Medellin and the Lessons of the Base Communities, Cross Currents 44:1 (Spring 1994) [PDF]


Book Reviews

The God of Silence: Shukaso Endo's Reading of the Passion (review of Japanese novel 'Silence'), Commonweal, March 1998.

The (magic) Kingdom of God, Review of book by Michael Budde, Cross Currents, Spring 1999.

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