Charry, Ellen T.

Charry, Ellen T.

Ellen T. Charry is Margaret W. Harmon Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary.

Internet Resources

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae [PDF]



The Stob Lectures 2005, God and The Art of Happiness, Calvin College, Nov 2005.

Reviving Christian Psychology, Fuller Seminary, Feb 2007 [outline of course]


Theological Articles

The Moral Function of Doctrine, Theology Today, April 1992

Academic Theology in Pastoral Perspective, Theology Today, April 1993

Raising Christian Children in a Pagan Culture, Christian Century, Feb 1994

Sacraments For the Christian Life, Christian Century, Nov 1995

Edifying Discourses, Christian Century, July 1997

Formative Years: The Seminary Experience, Christian Century, Sept 1997 [Book review]

Spiritual Formation By the Doctrine of the Trinity, Theology Today, Oct 1997

Being There: Culture & Formation In Two Theological Schools, Theology Today, Nov 1997 [book review]

Reaching Out to Donald: A Prison Tale, Christian Century, Feb 1998

The Crisis of Violence, Christian Century, July 1998 [with Dana Charry]

Christian Spirituality: Whither?, Theology Today, Apr 1999

Send A Christian To Camp, Christian Century, July 1999

Who's Minding the Children, Theology Today, Jan 2000

On Things We Can't Fix, Theology Today, July 2000

Will There Be A Protestant Center?, Theology Today, Jan 2001

Probing the CUlture Wars, Theology Today, Apr 2001

Training in Christianity, Christian Century, Apr 2001

Consider Christian Worship, Theology Today, Oct 2001.

Religious Perspectives on Our Present Crisis: Response To Max Stackhouse, Princeton Seminary Bulletin, 2002 [PDF, response to this]

Growing into the Wisdom of God, Christian Century, Feb 2002

The end of satisfaction, Theology Today, Apr 2002

To know, love and enjoy God, Theology Today, July 2002

In need of self-doubt, Christian Century, Sept 2002

Spiritual Readings in Chronological Order, Anglican Theological Review, Winter 2002.

Welcoming medieval women Christian theologians, Theology Today, Apr 2003

From Pop-Tart to Pickle: A Catholic View of Evangelism, Report of lecture at Affirming Catholicism Conference, Toronto, May 2003

Am I Brother's Keeper?, Theology Today, Oct 2003

Christian Witness to Contemporary Culture Regarding Sex, Anglican Theological Review, Spring 2004

West Meets East, Theology Today, April 2004

Virtual Salvation, Theology Today, Oct 2004

While Visions of Salvation Dance In Our Heads, Theology Today, Oct 2004

On Happiness, Anglican Theological Review, Winter 2004

Teaching Moments: What Makes A Great Theological Teacher?, Christian Century, Feb 2005 [on Paul M. van Buren]

Whatever Happened To the Wisdom of God?, Princeton Theological Review, Spring 2005 [PDF, pp 4-8]

Augustine: Father of Christian Psychology, Anglican Theological Review, Fall 2006

Happiness: The Science Behind Your Smile, Christian Century, Dec 2006 [Reviews of several books on happiness]

Happy pursuits: A Christian Vision of the Good Life, Christian Century, July 2007

Occupational Hazard, Christian Century, Oct 2007


Books Reviews by Charry

Marshall, Theology & Dialogue: Essays in Conversation with Lindbeck, Theology Today, Oct 1991

Migliore, Faith Seeking Understanding, Theology Today, Apr 1992

Thiselton, Interpreting God & The Post-modern Self, Theology Today, Apr 1997

Harried, Patience: How We Wait Upon the World, Theology Today, Jan 1999

Stewart, Cassian the Monk, Theology Today, Apr 1999

Volf, Exclusion & Embrace, Theology Today, July 1999

The Encyclopedia of Christianity, Theology Today, Jan 2000

Braaten & Jenson, Marks of the Body of Christ, Anglican Theological Review, Summer 2000.

Beeke & Ferguson, Reformed Confessions Harmonised, Theology Today, Oct 2000

O'Daly, Augustine's City of God: A Reader's Guide, Theology Today, Oct 2000

Finaldi, The Image of Christ, Theology Today, Jan 2001

Evans, Bernard of Clairvaux, Theology Today, Jan 2001

Foucault, History of Sexuality, Christian Century, May 2001

Olson, The Story of Christian Theology, Theology Today, July 2001.

Cary, Augustine's Invention of the Inner Self, Theology Today, July 2001.

Jones, Feminist Theory & Christian Theology, Theology Today, Jan 2002

Christianity in Jewish Terms, Theology Today, Jan 2002

Power, Sacrament: The Language of God's Giving, Theology Today, Jan 2003

Pope, The Ethics of Aquinas, Theology Today, Apr 2003

Parsons, Cambridge Companion to Feminist Theology, Theology Today, Apr 2003

Reno, In the Ruins of the Church, Theology Today, July 2003

Carey & Leinhard, Biographical Dictionary of Christian Theologians, Theology Today, Oct 2003.

Musser & Price, New & Enlarged Handbook of Christian Theology, Theology Today, Jan 2004

Clark, To Know and Love God: Method For Theology, Theology Today, July 2004

Aquino, Communities of Informed Judgment: Newman's Illative Sense and Accounts of Rationality, Theology Today, Oct 2004

Waddell, Happiness & The Christian Life: An Introduction to Christian Ethics, Christian Century, May 2008


Reviews of Charry's Books

By the Renewing of Your Minds

George Lindbeck, Christian Century, June 1998

John C. Cavadini, Theological Studies, Mar 1999

Lois Malcolm, Anglican Theological Review, Winter 2000


Inquiring After God

D. Stephen Long, Anglical Theological Review, Spring 2001

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