Clapp, Rodney

Clapp, Rodney

 Rodney Clapp is editorial director of Brazos Press (having previously worked with IVP USA) and author of a number of books.


Sexual Ethics

Does the Bible Really Say All That About Romance?, Christianity Today, Feb 1984.


Political/Social Ethics

Catholics, Anabaptists & The Bomb, Christian Century, Nov 1988.

Why The Devil Takes Plastic, The Lutheran, Mar 1999.

The Not So Naked Public Square, The Ooze, Oct 2000.



God as Santa, Christian Century, Oct/Nov 2002.

God Cannot Be Privatized, Discernment, Winter 1999, pp6ff [PDF]

Anabaptism & The Obstacles That Make For Vocation, MQR, Oct 2000.

How Firm A Foundation? Can Evangelicals Be Nonfoundationalists?, Adapted from Border Crossings, 2002.


Interviews/Profiles/Secondary Articles

Rescuing the Church From Captivity, Interview with Clapp, Antithesis, Winter 1999

Brazos Pushes the Evangelical Envelope

Responses to Clapp's Books

Review Article of A Peculiar People by Michael J. Vlach [as PDF]

Recontextualising Christianity (on Border Crossings)

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