Dawn, Marva

Dawn, Marva

Marva Dawn (b. 1948) is an international speaker and writer who did her doctorate on the principalities and powers in the work of Jacques Ellul under the supervision of John Howard Yoder. She is a Teaching Fellow at Regents College, Vancouver.

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What Do We Really Want Out of Sex?, Hope College, 2001

Corrupted Words Reclaimed, Calvin College, 2002 [RAM]


Economic Ethics

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Worship & Spirituality

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Short Articles for The Lutheran

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Embracing A Prince of Peace, Dec 2000

Do Not Put This Down, Jan 2001

Wielding Truth, Feb 2001

The truest joy, Apr 2001

Sow to the Spirit, May 2001

Wise Advice, June 2001

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Many Acts of Faithfulness, Aug 2001

To Worship As Lovers, Sept 2001

Lord of the Harvest, Oct 2001

A Genuine Family Holiday, Nov 2001

This Birth Makes Us Odd, Dec 2001

Hope In Times of Stress, Jan 2002

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Bible Misreadings 102, Apr 2002

Bible Misreadings 103, May 2002 [Clarification on Apr & May 2002, Sept 2002, in response to Letters, June 2002]

Judge Or Judge Not?, June 2002

Can We Make It Easier?, Aug 2002

What Do We Cultivate?, Sept 2002

Guard The Treasure, Oct 2002


Book Reviews by Dawn

Violence Renounced: Rene Girard, Biblical Studies & Peacemaking, Theology Today, Jan 2002

Yoder, Preface to Theology, Theology Today, Apr 2003



Interview with Eerdmans, August 2000.

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