Ford, David

Ford, David

Professor David Ford (b 1948) is an Anglican theologian who serves as Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge University where he is also a Fellow of Selwyn College. He is Acting Director of the Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme. Author of several books and editor of the brilliant (now in several editions), Modern Theologians.

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Internet Resources

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae [PDF]


Faith and Change: A Christian Understanding, Christian-Muslim Seminar, Lambeth Palace, Jan 2002, in The Road Ahead: A Christian-Muslim Dialogue [PDF]

Knowledge, Meaning and the World's Great Challenges: Reinventing Cambridge University in the Twenty-First Century, Scottish Journal of Theology (2003)

Address at the launch of The Qur'an: A New Translation by MAS Abdel Haleem, May 2004 [PDF]

Gospel in Context: Among Many Faiths, Fulcrum Conference, 2006 [PDF]

Comment on ‘A Common Word for the Common Good’  (a letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Muslim Religious Leaders and Scholars who have signed A Common Word Between Us and You and to Muslim brothers and sisters everywhere)

Scriptural Reasoning

"He Is Our Peace": The Letter to the Ephesians & Theology of Fulfillment, A Dialogue with Peter Ochs, Journal of Scriptural Reasoning, Aug 2001.

A Few Thoughts in Response to Peter Ochs [Ochs paper], Journal of Scriptural Reasoning, May 2002.

Response to Magid, Hauerwas & Koshul, Journal of Scriptural Reasoning, Aug 2002.

The Wisdom of Love For God's Sake: Interpreting the Papers, and our Scriptures, Together, Journal of Scriptural Reasoning, Aug 2003.

Response to Kepnes, Richardson & Umar (on Image of God - papers here), Society for Scriptural Reasoning, Nov 2003


Remarks at Final Plenary Session of Lambeth Conference, Aug 1998.

Learning from Lambeth Conference 1998 and Primates' Meetings 2002/2003, Submission to Lambeth Commission on Communion [PDF]

British Theology

Theological Wisdom, British Style, Christian Century, April 2000.

British Theology After a Trauma: Divisions & Conversations, Christian Century, April 2000.

British Theology, Movements & Churches, Christian Century, April 2000.



God's Power & Human Flourishing: A Biblical Inquiry After Charles Taylor's A Secular Age, Yale Center for Faith & Culture, 2008 [PDF]


Wisdom, Scripture & Learning (Prov 8.1-11, 2 Tim 3.10-17), Ridley Hall, Oct 2001.

Ephesians 4.1-3, Cambridge Federation of Theological Colleges, Oct 2002.


Writings on Ford's work

The Practical Theology of David Ford by David S. Cunningham, Christian Century, May 2003.

Spreading Rumours of Wisdom: Essays in Honour of David Ford, Journal of Scriptural Reasoning, 2008. Collection of essays by Quash, Higton, Muers, Ochs and others.


Reviews of Ford's books

Praising and Knowing God

Walter Brueggemann, Theology Today, Apr 1986.


Self and Salvation: Being Transformed

William Placher, Christian Century, Aug 1999.

John R. Sachs, Theological Studies, Mar 2001

Edward Howells, Anglican Theological Review, Fall 2001.

Christian Wisdom: Desiring God and Learning to Love

William Placher, Christian Century, Feb 2008.


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