Forde, Gerhard

Forde, Gerhard

Gerhard Forde (1927-2005) was a leading American Lutheran theologian most of whose teaching career was at St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota.


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 Theological Writings

For You?, The Lutheran, April 1996.

On Being A Theologian of the Cross, Christian Century, Oct 1997

Law & Sexual Behaviour, Lutheran Quarterly, Spring 1995

Gerhard Forde on Ministry, from Theology is for Proclamation, pp178-86


Lutheran Conflicts

Confessional Crisis, Letter with James A. Nestingen, Jan 2000.

More About the Confessional Criss, Q&A with Nestingen

"We Will Resist..." Position Statement [signatory], Jan 2000.


Writings on Forde

Law, Gospel and Eschatology in Forde

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Luther Seminary

Remembering Gerhard Forde

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