Fowl, Stephen

Fowl, Stephen

Professor Stephen Fowl teaches New Testament in the Department of Theology at Loyola College in Maryland. He has written both in the area of New Testament (notably his doctoral work on the story of Christ and Ethics in Philippians 2 and a commentary on Philippians) and theological hermeneutics (Reading in Communion in L. Gregory Jones and Engaging Scripture).

Internet Resources


Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae [PDF]


Theology and Ethics

(Mis) Reading the Face of God: An Analysis of Interpretation of the Bible in the Church (with Lewis Ayres), Theological Studies (1999)

Reading The Face Of God: The Interpretation Of The Bible In The Church

Scripture & The Divided Church [PDF]

God's Beautiful City: Christian Mission After Christendom, Ekklesia Project, 2001 [PDF]


Living by the Word

God's choice (Js 2.1-17; Mk 7:24-37), Sept 10th 2006

In the know (James 3:1-12; Mark 8:27-38), Sept 17th 2006

Wisdoms works (James 3:13--4:3, 7-8a; Mark 9:30-37), Sept 24th 2006

Search and restore (Mark 9:38-50; James 5:13-20), Oct 1st 2006



Scriptural Reasoning

Fullness & Vagueness, Response to David Ford, Journal of Scriptural Reasoning, August 2001.

The Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart, Response to Hauerwas & Magid, Journal of Scriptural Reasoning, Sept 2002.


Book Reviews

Review of Adam, Making Sense of New Testament Theology: "Modern" Problems and Prospects, Oct 1997

Review of Clifton Black, The Rhetoric of the Gospel: Theological Artistry in the Gospels and Acts, Summer 2003.

Review of Webb, The Divine Voice, Dec 2004

Review of Davis & Hays, The Art of Reading Scripture, CBQ, Dec 2005

Review of Joseph Hellerman, Reconstructing Honor in Roman Philippi: Carmen Christi as Cursus Pudorum, CBQ, 2007.

Review of Chris Wright, The Mission of God, Theological Studies, Mar 2008.




Articles on Fowl

On Determinate Meanings In Texts: A Comparison Of the Hermeneutic Theories of Kevin Vanhoozer & Stephen Fowl by Scott David Foutz, Quodlibet, Sept/Oct 1999.



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