Gormally, Luke

Luke Gormally is a leading Roman Catholic bio-ethicist who is Senior Research Fellow and former Executive Director of the Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics in London (which has an excellent set of on-line resources by him and others). He is also Research Professor of the Ave Maria School of Law, Ann Arbor, Michigan and Visiting Professor of Bioethics and Christian Anthropology at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family

Internet Resources

Moral Concepts

Why not dirty your hands?, 2005

Human Dignity: The Christian View and the Secularist View,

Medical Ethics

Medical Ethics: Submission to the Select Cttee of the House of Lords on Medical Ethics, June 1993 [with Finnis & Keown]

The BMA Report on Euthanasia & The Case Against Legalization, from Gormally (ed), Euthanasia, Clinical Practice & The Law (1994).

Human Sentience Before Birth, Oct 1996 [member of cttee]

Catholic Bioethics in a secularist society, The Pastoral Review, 1997

Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide: Seven Reasons Why They Should Not Be Legalized, 1997.

Legislating For Advance Refusals of Treatment: What Is At Issue?, 1998

Human Dignity, Autonomy & Mentally Incapacitated Persons, A Response to Who Decides?, Mar 1998

Human Dignity & Respect for the Elderly, Sept 1998

Withdrawing & Witholding Treatment: A Response To A Consultation Paper from the BMA, Oct 1998.

Notes On The Winterton Bill, 2000.

The Maltese Conjoined Twins: Religion, Ethics & The Law of England, Second Opinion, Oct 2001.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology in a Multicultural Society: The Catholic View

Autonomy, Dignity and the Legalisation of Euthanasia, talk to Guild of Catholic Doctors, Bristol/Bath branch, May 2006.

Personal and social responsibility in the context of the defence of human life: the question of co-operation in evil, Italy 2007 [PDF]

Sexual Ethics

Contraception & Catholic Sexual Ethics, 1997.

The Crisis over the Institution of Marriage and Contemporary Bioethics, Ave Maria Law Review, 2006 [PDF]


Reviews of Gormally's books

Culture of Life, Culture of Death

Margaret Sealey, Ethics & Medicine, Spring 2004.



Interview with ZENIT, July 2003, Part 1 & Part 2


Topic: Gormally, Luke


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