Gorringe, Tim

Gorringe, Tim

Tim Gorringe (b. 1946) is and ordained Anglican and St Luke's Professor of Theological Studies in the Department of Theology at Exeter University. He has written extensively in areas combining theology with social science and art.


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Social and Political Ethics

Farming, Faith & Hope, Nov 2001

Christ the King & The 'Clash of Civilizations', Lecture Nov 2002.

A Manifesto For Peace & Progress, March 2003 [signatory]


Reviews of Gorringe's Work

Karl Barth: Against Hegemony

Enfleshing A Phantom Figure:Timothy Gorringe's Contextualised Barth by John C. McDowell, Quodlibet, Summer 2002.


A Theology ofthe Built Environment

Elaine Graham, Theology Today, April 2003.


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Tim Gorringe on YouTube

24/12/2008 18:38
10 minute video from Trinity Wall Street, Nov 2008 in preparation for 2009 conference with Gorringe

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