Grisez, Germain

Grisez, Germain

Germain Grisez (b. 1929) is a leading traditional Roman Catholic moral theologian associated with "new natural law" thinking. He has served as Flynn Professor of Christian Ethics at Mount St. Mary's University and in 2005 won the Paul Ramsey Award.

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Curriculum Vitae & Bibliography

Curriculum Vitae [PDF]

Publications by Germain Grisez


The Way of the Lord Jesus

This is Grisez's major work and all three published volumes are now available on-line:

Volume 1 - Christian Moral Principles

Volume 2 - Living A Christian Life

Volume 3 - Difficult Moral Questions


Moral Concepts

A Contemporary Natural Law Ethics in Normative Ethics & Objective Reason (ed. George F. McLean).

The true, ultimate end of human beings: the kingdom, not God alone, Theological Studies, Mar 2008.


Medical Ethics

Should nutrition and hydration be provided to permanently unconscious and other mentally disabled persons?, Issues in Law & Medicine, Fall 1989.

Sexual Ethics

Submission To The Ad Hoc Committee on Sexual Abuse, May 2002.

Assessing Responsibility For The Scandal, April 2002 (subhead: Most clerical sex crimes are homosexual seductions of adolescents and young men)

Humanae Vitae, Then & Now, July 2003 interview

The Church Betrayed?, April 2008 on Catholic Relief Services, condoms and HIV/AIDS (later further clarification)

Political/Social Ethics

Six Principles To Guide Responses To Terrorist Attacks, Zenit News, Sept 2001.


The Ordinary Magisterium's Infallibility, Theological Studies, Dec 1994

Interview on Personal Vocation, Zenit News, Oct 2003


Interviews/Profiles/Secondary Articles

The Rational Case For Life, Review Article on Abortion: The Myths, The Realities, The Arguments by Richard M. Doerflinger.

An Argument Against Abortion: Germain Grisez, by Paul M. Cox, July/Aug 1990.

The Making of A Moral Theologian by Russell Shaw, Catholic World Report, March 1996.

Fundamental Issues in Cooperation & Catholic Health Care by Nicholas C. Lund-Molfese, May 2001 [PDF]. Summary of Grisez on co-operation.

Biotechnology & Human Dignity In The Thought of Germain Grisez, by Nicholas C. Lund-Molfese [PDF]

"Direct" and "Indirect" in Grisez's Moral Theory by Jean Porter, Theological Studies, Dec 1996




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