Guroian, Vigen

Guroian, Vigen

Vigen Guroian, a leading Orthodox moral theologian, is Professor of Theology at Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland. 

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Internet Resources

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae including full list of publications [PDF]

Christian Doctrine

Salvation: Divine Therapy, Theology Today, Oct 2004


Moral Concepts

Awakening the Moral Imagination: Teaching the Virtues Through Fairy Stories, The Intercollegiate Review, Fall 1996.

On Fairy Tales & The Moral Imagination, The Pedagogy of Story, Really Human Things

Moral Formation & Christian Worship, Ecumenical Review, July 1997 [A response from Duncan B. Forrester]

Moral Imagination, May 1998 Lecture [MP3]

Friends and Mentors: The Message of Children's Stories, Christian Century, June 1998

Moral Imagination, Humane Letters & The Renewal of Society, 1999 Kirk Memorial Lecture

Of Weeds and Fairy Tales: The Idylls, Idols and Devils that Corrupt the Moral Imagination, Touchstone, May 2005.


Sexual Ethics

After Hours on Campus: The Sexualization of the American College, BreakPoint WorldView, Dec 2006.

Dorm Brothel: The new debauchery and the colleges that let it happen, Christianity Today, 2005.

Medical Ethics

Resurrection Garden, 2001, adapted from Seitz(ed), Nicene Christianity

Divine Therapy: Lessons On Dying Well From The Ancient Church, Second Opinion, March 2001.

A Theologian's Brief: On The Place of the Human Embryo, June 2001 [signatory]


Political/Social Ethics

The Heart of Edmund Burke, Sept 1988 [MP3]

Edmund Burke & Reinhold Niebuhr on "Armed Doctrine", Oct 1988 [MP3]

The New Nationalism & The Gospel Witness: Western tolerance vs Christian Repentance, Commonweal, July 1995.

The Election of Karakin I: Armenian Church, Nation & The Gospel Witness, Lecture at Christians Associated for Relations with Eastern Europe, Nov 1995.

Moral Imagination, Humane Letters & The Renewal of Society, 1999 Kirk Memorial Lecture

The Narrative of Freedom: Historical Memory and Social Cohesion, 2001.

Taking A Stand Against The Turkish Government's Denial of the Armenian Genocide and Scholarly Corruption in the Academy [signatory]



G.K. Chesterton & Christian Humanism, Aug 1999 Lecture [MP3]

Why Should Businesmen Read Great Literature?, Religion & Liberty, July/Aug 2002.

The Christian Humanism of G.K. Chesterton : Truth & The Paradoxical Imagination, Really Human Things

The Tattooed Christ: "Parker's Back" & The Christian Humanism of Flannery O'Connor, Really Human Things

The Iconographic Fiction and Christian Humanism of Flanney O'Connor, The Clarion Review.

Gardening & Theology

The Ecological Garden, Relgion & Liberty, March/April 2000.

The Fragrance of God, Really Human Things

Lenten Spring from Inheriting Paradise: Meditations on Gardening

The Temple Transparent: A Gardener's Meditation on the Incarnation of Our Lord, Really Human Things, Jan 2003.

Why We Garden, BreakPoint WorldView, May 2005

Beauty in the Garden: Bringing Paradise Near, BreakPoint WorldView, Mar 2006

Restoring the Senses: Life, Gardening and an Orthodox Easter [links to audio]

Final Harvest: The Christian Gardener, Christian Century, Sept 1996

Fruits of Pentecost: The Christian Gardener, Christian Century, July 1996

Lenten Spring: The Christian Gardener, Christian Century, May 1996

The Christian Gardener: An Orthodox Meditation, Christian Century, Feb 1996.


Toward A Diaspora Theology, Window Quarterly, 1990.

The Lost Meaning of Sainthood, Window Quarterly, 1990

How Shall We Remember, Window Quarterly, 1990

Mission in the Diaspora: Mary's Example, Window Quarterly, 1991.

Dancing Alone - Out Of Step With Orthodoxy: Review of Frank Schaeffer, Dancing Alone: The Quest for Orthodox Faith In The Age of False Religions, Christian Century, June 1995.

On The Office Of Being A Good Son Or Daughter: Observations On Human Interconnection & Happiness, Really Human Things

The Virgin & The Ivy: The Brave New World Of College Campus Life, Really Human Things


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