Gustafson, James

James Gustafson (b.1925), an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, is a leading Protestant ethicist who gained his PhD from Yale (1955) and taught there (1955-72), at the University of Chicago (1972-88) and at Emory University (1988-98).

Internet Resources


Theology & Moral Concepts

Scientific Dreamers & Religious Speculation, Christian Century, Mar 1993

Just What Is 'PostLiberal Theology'?, Christian Century, Mar 1999, Placher reponse to which Gustafson responds.

Is There A Christian Ethics? in Personalist Ethics & Human Subjectivity (ed. George F. McLean).

Forward to H. Richard Niebuhr, Radical Monotheism & Western Culture


Political/Social Ethics

Christian Attitudes Towards A Technology Society, Theology Today, July 1959.

Patterns of Christian Social Action, Theology Today, July 1961.


Medical Ethics

Summary of Gustafson on Abortion ('A Protestant Ethical Approach')


Book Reviews

Review of Religion & Culture: Essays in Honour of Paul Tillich, Theology Today, Oct 1959.

Review of Bonhoeffer, The Communion of Saints, Theology Today, Jan 1965.

Review of Charles West, The Power To Be Human, Theology Today, Jan 1972.

Review of two books on rapid social change, Theology Today, July 1962.

Review of Rawls, A Theory of Justice, Theology Today, Oct 1973.

Review of Lehmann, The Politics of Transfiguration, Theology Today, July 1975.


Profiles and Reviews of Gustafson's Books

Review of Christ & The Moral Life by Joseph Sittler, Theology Today, Oct 1969

Review of Moral Educationby Paul F. Camernisch, Theology Today, July 1971.

Review of Can Ethics Be Christian? by Paul Deats, Theology Today, Jan 1976.

Review of Protestant & RC Ethics, by Margaret A. Farley, Theology Today, July 1979

Review of Ethics From A Theocentric Perspective: Theology & Ethicsby Lisa Sowle Cahill, Theology Today, July 1982.

Theology & Piety, Word & World, 1983 [PDF]

Review by Russell Reno of James M. Gustafson's Theocentric Ethics: Interpretations & Assessments, Theology Today, Oct 1989


Other Web Resources

Archive Papers of Gustafson 1951-2002

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