Hays. Richard B.

Hays. Richard B.

Richard B. Hays, leading New Testament scholar, is George Washington Ivey Professor of New Testament at Duke University.  He is best known for his work on Paul and his book on New Testament ethics - The Moral Vision of the New Testament.

Internet Resources


Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae [PDF]

Publications [PDF]

Scripture & Ethics

Salvation by Trust? Reading the Bible Faithfully, Christian Century, Feb 1997

Ecclesiology & Ethics in 1 Corinthians, Ex Auditu, 1994

Embodying The Gospel in Community, MQR, Oct 2000

Ethics In the Light of the Resurrection, Willson-Addis Lecture, Baylor University, Feb 2003 [video links]

Beyond Criticism: Learning To Read the Bible Again, Christian Century, April 2004 [with Ellen Davis]

The Art of Reading Scripture Faithfully, Mar 2006 [MP3]

Turning the World Upside Down: Israel's Scripture in Luke-Acts, Apr 2007 [MP3]

Sense and Non-Sense in Recent New Testament Scholarship, Apr 2007 [MP3]

The Problem of Interpretation [MP3 for iTunes]

New Testament and Politics, Panel with Stubbings and Hauerwas [MP3]

Biblical Studies, Duke, April 08, [MP3 to download or play]


Sexual Ethics

Story of Gary, Moral Vision, p379-80

The Credibility of Boswell's Historical Reconstruction, excerpt from 'Relations Natural & Unnatural' JRE 1986, pp202-4



...And They Shall Prophesy, May 2005 [PDF]


Equus: Human Conflicts & The Trinity, Christian Century, May 1977

"Did Not Our Hearts Burn Within Us?", June 2002.

Good Question: Operation Evil Power, Christianity Today, Feb 2004 [on evil in the world]

Christianity & The Soul of the University, Baylor University, April 2004 [video links]

A Season of Repentance: An Open Letter to United Methodist, Christian Century, Aug 2004. [Letters and Hays' reply]

Beyond the Da Vinci Code, Debate with Bart Ehrman, Apr 2006 [MP3 for iTunes]

Book Reviews by Hays

Review of Raymond E. Brown, The Churches The Apostles Left Behind, Theology Today, Jan 1985

Short Review of Barton, People of the Book?, Theology Today, Jan 1990.

The Corrected Jesus, Review of Funk et.al. The Five Gospels, First Things, May 1994.

The Struggle for Theology's Soul: Contesting Scripture in Christology by William M. Thompson, Theology Today, Oct 1997.

Go and Do Likewise: Jesus and Ethics by William C. Spohn, Theology Today, Jan 2002.

Jesus the Radical, Review of What Jesus Meant, by Garry Wills, Sojourners, Sept/Oct 2006.

Covenant of Peace: The Missing Peace in New Testament Theology and Ethics. By Willard M. Swartley, Christian Century, May 2007.


Reviews of books by Hays

E. Earle Ellis, Review of Echoes, Theology Today, July 1990.

Is There Such A Thing As New Testament Ethics?, Review of Moral Vision by William C. Spohn, Christian Century, May 1997.

Douglas Moo, Review of Moral Vision, Bulletin for Biblical Research, 1999.

An Appreciation & Response to Moral Vision by Dean Wenthe [PDF], Jan 2004


Profiles and Engagements with Hays' Work

Interpreting A Scholar: Richard Hays' Moral Vision by David W. Reid, Duke Divinity Magazine, Fall 2002 [large PDF], pp16-18 of PDF file

A.A. Just, Jr., "The Faith of Christ": Engaging the Writings of Richard B. Hays, Concordia Theological Seminary, Jan 2004.

Topic: Hays. Richard B.


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