Heim, S. Mark

Heim, S. Mark

S. Mark Heim is the Samuel Abbott Professor of Christian Theology at Andover Newton Theological School. He is best known for his works on religious pluralism and his Girardian study of the atonement.

Internet Resources


Christian Doctrine

Divine Principle and the Second Advent, Christian Century, May 1977

Gender and Creed: Confessing a common faith, Christian Century, Apr 1985

Beyond the impasse?: Scripture, Interpretation & Theology in Baptist Life, Christian Century, Apr 1993

God's long-shot in the inner city: a vision of church-based economic development, Christian Century, July 1995.

Reforming Words of Life - Professing the Faith: Reflections on a Vocation, Christian Century, Feb 1996.

A faith worthy of doubt, Christian Century, June 2004 [response from Gustafson]

Salvation as Communion: Partakers of the Divine Nature, Theology Today, Oct 2004.

Communion and Translation: Searching for a Trinitarian Missional Theology, Feb 2007 [as PDF]


Christ Crucified: Why does Jesus' Death Matter?, Christian Century, 7 Mar 2001

Visible Victim: Christ's Death To End Sacrifice, Christian Century, 14 Mar 2001

Review of Weaver, Non-Violent Atonement, Anglican Theological Review, Summer 2003.

Cross-Purposes: Re-thinking the Death of Jesus, Christian Century, 22 Mar 2005 [reviews of 7 recent books including Boersma, Sherman, Nicole, Weaver]

No More Scaptegoats: How Jesus Put An End to Sacrifice, Christian Century, 5 Sept 2006 [Letter and response from Heim]

The Passion of the Christ - Reflections


Theology of Religions

Dreams Fulfilled: The Pluralism of Religious Ends, Christian Century, 17 Jan 2001.

A Trinitarian View of Religious Pluralism, Christian Century, 24 Jan 2001.

Review of D'Costa, The Meeting of Religions & The Trinity, Ecumenical Review, Jan0June 2002

A Different Kind of Islamic State, Christian Century, Oct 2004.

Many True Religions, And Each An Only Way: The Diversity of Religious Ends, Ars Disputandi, 2003 [as PDF]


Ecclesiology & Ecumenism

1993 AD, Christian Century, Nov 1993

The Next Ecumenical Movement, Christian Century, Aug 1996.

What Is the Church: The Faith and Order Agenda, Christian Century, Oct 1996

Unity in fullness: a reflection on the theme for the 8th Assembly of the WCC - "Turn to God - Rejoice in Hope", Ecumenical Review, Apr 1998

Something to Declare, Christian Century, Dec 1998

Malaysian Model, Christian Century, Oct 2004.

Other Book Reviews

The Children of Men by P.D. James, Christian Century, May 1993.

Jesus in the Gospels - A Biblical Christology [review of Schnackenburg], Christian Century, April 1996.

Bearing the Witness of the Spirit: Lesslie Newbigin's Theology of Cultural Pluralism by George R. Hunsberger, Theology Today, July 1999.

Pontius Pilate by Ann Wroe, Christian Century, Nov 2000.

Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present by Michael B. Oren, Christian Century, Aug 2007.


Reviews of Heim's Books

Saved From Sacrifice

William C. Placher, Christian Century, Dec 2006.

Brian D. Robinette, Theological Studies, June 2007.

James R.A. Merrick, Journal of the Evangelical Theology Society, Dec 2007

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