Heslam, Peter

Heslam, Peter

Peter Heslam's is an ordained Anglican whose doctoral work was on the Dutch Reformed theologian and politician, Abraham Kuyper. He is now Director of Transforming Business, a multi-disciplinary research and development project on enterprise solutions to poverty at Cambridge University.

Internet Resources


Economic Ethics

The Reform of Global Capitalism, Letter to Church Times, May 2001.

Is There Really No Alternative To Our Form of Capitalism, Letter (with others) to Church Times, Jan 2002.

Two Sides of The Balance Sheet, CIIR News, June 2002.

Capital Gains, Capital Losses: Reflections on JustShare's May Day Activities in 2002, Workwise, July 2002.

Business & Freedom, Gospel & Our Culture Network, Summer 2002

Sustainable Capitalism: Is It Possible?, Nov 2002 [PDF]

Global Economic Justice & The Sabbath Principle, Greenbelt Insight, Oct 2003

Checking the March of Capitalism

Sharp Sayings: Critiquing Capitalism With A Smile

Quotable Quotes: Words That Make A Difference

Developing a Theological and Practical Response to Contemporary Capitalism

Capitalism: A Christian Response

Review of LICC's Capitalism Project (Sept 2000-Aug 2004)

Thrift as a Solution to the Credit Crisis

Capitalism & The Environment: Can They Co-Exist, Bible Society [DOC]


Are Consumers Truly Revolting?, Connecting with Culture, 30 Nov 2001

Two Sides to the Same Coin?, Connecting with Culture, 4 Jan 2002.

Sustaining Hope, Connecting with Culture, 23 Aug 2002.

Valuing Money, Word for the Week, 22 Oct 2002

Enjoying the Season to the Full, Word for the Week, 3 Dec 2002.

Faith in the Bottom Line?, Connecting with Culture, 31 Jan 2003.

The Business of Mission, Connecting with Culture, 4 Apr 2003



Recapturing the Imagination, Connecting with Culture, 28 Feb 2003.


Book Reviews

Up the Down Escalator and Globalization and its Discontents, Third Way, Sept 2002.

Property for People, Not for Profit by Ulrich Duchrow and Franz Hinkelammert


Reviews of Books by Heslam

Kuyper's Gift To Modern Christians: Review of Heslam, Creating A Christian Worldview: Abraham Kuyper's Lectures on Calvinism, by Stephen Lazarus, Center For Public Justice, 1998.

Review of Creating by David W. Hall, Markets & Morality, Oct 1998


Other Web Resources

Just Share - A Fair Deal For A Whole World

London Institute For Contemporary Christianity: Capitalism & Society

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