Humphrey, Edith

Humphrey, Edith

Edith Humphrey is the William F. Orr Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary


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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Personal Website

Edith has her own website with resources and information about her work.


New Testament

A Solid Foundation? The Seven Pillars of the Jesus Seminar Reexamined, 1998 [PDF]

God's Treasure in Jars of Clay

Death's Dark Shadow Put To Flight

Atonement: New Testament Perspectives, Fall 2000



It's Not About Us, Christianity Today, April 2001

On Doorframes, Open Doors & Doorkeepers, Augustine College, Sept 2001.

To Sing Is A Lover's Thing, Installation as Professor of NT, Dec 2005.

The High, The Deep & The Domestic: Anglican Verse & The Voice of God's People, Wycliffe College, Mar 2005 [PDF with pictures]


Medical Ethics

Lest We Forget the Innocent, Aug 2003


Sexual Ethics

What Constitutes A Faithful Reading of Scripture?, New Westminster Dialogue Paper 1

What Is Disordered Sexuality?, New Westminster Dialogue Paper 2

How Is Sexuality Understood in Scripture, Tradition & Contemporary Theology?, New Westminster Dialogue Paper 3

What Would It Mean For The Church to Bless Same-Sex Unions?, New Westminster Dialogue Paper 4

The New Testament Speaks on Same-Sex Eroticism, NEAC, Sept 2003

What God Hath Not Joined: Why Marriage was Meant for Male & Female, Christianity Today, Sept 2004



Why This Issue?: A Reflection on the Crisis in Anglicanism, 2003

Where Is the Candlestick?

A Parable on the Signs of the Times

Holy Is As Holy Does

Whither the Windsor Report?, Feb 2005



The Trinity Today, Essentials, 2001 [download MP3 or play MP3]

The Hegemony of Liberation: Response to Fiorenza, Rhetoric & Ethic, June 2004

Biblical Foundations for Healing Part 1 & Part 2 [MP3 download]


Book Reviews by Humphrey


Borg, The God We Never Knew, Nov 1998

deSilva, Introducting the Apocrypha, RBL, 2003

Borg & Wright, The Meaning of Jesus, June 2004

Brock, Mary Magdalene, RBL, 2004




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