Hunsinger, George

Hunsinger, George

George Hunsinger is an ordained Presbyterian minister and the Hazel Thompson McCord Professor of Systematic Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary and a leading expert on Barth.

Internet Resources

Doctrine & Systematic Theology

Hell & Damnation: Four Ancient & Modern Views, Scottish Journal of Theology, 1998 [PDF]

Social Witness in Generous Orthodoxy: The New Presbyerian "Study Catechism", Sept 1999 [PDF, overlap with Intro to Disruptive Grace]

Doctrine as Guide To Social Witness, Christian Century, Apr 2000#

Conversational Theology: The Wit & Wisdom of Karl Barth, Center for Barth Studies, 2001

The Bread That We Break: Toward A Chalcedonian Resolution of the Eucharistic Controversies, Princeton Seminary Bulletin, 2003 [PDF]

Propositions on the logos asarkos, Discussion with Kim Fabricus, Oct 2007

Who Is Jesus Christ For Us Today? Sermon on Mt 25:40 & Bonhoeffer, Presbyerian Outlook, July 2006

T.F. Torrance, A Eulogy, Dec 2007

How To Read Karl Barth: Foreword to the German Edition, Oct 2008

Why T.F. Torrance was a Barthian, Dec 2008

Restoring the Heidelberg Catechism For the Church {PDF, signatory]


Violence, War & Torture

A Short Catechism on Christian Pacifism, 1985 [PDF]

Iraq: Don't Go There, Christian Century, Aug 2002

Iraq: Crisis of Conscience, Presbyterian Outlook, Aug 2002

Before the Shooting Starts, Christian Century, Oct 2002

Invading Iraq: Is It Justified?, Presbyerian Outlook, Jan 2003

Today Is A Day of Infamy, Prebyterian Outlook, Mar 2003

We Must Oppose This War, Mar/Apr 2003 [Statement initiated by Hunsinger]

The Iraq Dilemma: An Illegitimate Occupation, Christian Century, Nov 2003

Fog of War, Christian Century, Feb 2004

Iraq: An Exchange, Christian Century, Apr 2004 [with Jean Bethke Elshtain]

Iraq Occupation at Meltdown, National Catholic Reporter, June 2004

Confessing Christ In A World of Violence, Statement [Nov 2004, signatory and initiator, offers a brief explanation]

What Kind Of People Have We Become?, An Open Letter to Alberto R. Gonzalez, Jan 2005 [first signatory]

Christ Is Our Peace, Presbyterian Outlook, Mar 2005

A Thirty Years War?, June 2005

Why The Torture Abuse Scandal Matters, Oct 2005

Violence Finds Refuge In Falsehood, Presbyterian Outlook, Oct 2005

Hanging In the Balance: Geneva Common Article 3, Presbyterian Outlook, Sept 2006

Statement on Behalf of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, Sept 2007 [PDF]

How To Stop Torture: Five Steps for the New Attorney General, Presbyterian Outlook, Dec 2007

A Moral Imperative, Jan 2008

History Will Not Absolve Us, Apr 2008

How to end torture, Christian Century, Oct 2008


Sexual Ethics

There Is A Third Way: Theses for the Crisis In Our Church, Presbyerian Outlook, Nov 2001 [Responses from Migliore, Gene TeSelle, Barbara Kellam-Scott, Derek Pursey

A Response to Migliore, Feb 2002

Response to Kellam-Scott, Jan 2002

Thinking Outside the Box 1: Further Reflections On A Third Way For Our Church, Presbyterian Outlook, Mar 2002

Thinking Outside the Box 2: On The "Plain Sense" Of Holy Scripture, Presbyterian Outlook, Mar 2002

Thinking Outside the Box 3: On "Responsible Discretion" Toward Ordination Candidates, Presbyterian Outlook, Mar 2002

Thinking Outside the Box 4: The Voice of "Progressive Traditionalists", Presbyterian Outlook, Mar 2002


Pastoral Theology

Paying Attention, Christian Century

Funeral Meditation: He Read the Book, Aug 2008



Church Folks For A Better America, The Nation, Feb 2005 [interview]

Tooley, Christians Against Empire at Princeton, FrontPageMagazine, Aug 2006.

An Interview With George Hunsinger, Princeton Theological Review, Fall 2006

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