Hutter, Reinhard

Hutter, Reinhard

Reinhard Hutter, a fomer Lutheran, now Roman Catholic, is Professor of Christian Theology at Duke Divinity School

Internet Resources

Sadly not much is available and Hutter himself warns of the dangers of turning to the Internet - his Links on his Duke page reads "To every good book! Don't spend your precious time on the Internet. It teaches you neither how to read significant texts nor how to think through questions of importance. It mainly is a disconcerting distraction from real life."


Theology & Ethics

God & The Search For Moral Truths [Review of Schneewind, The Invention of Autonomy: A History of Modern Moral Philosophy], Christian Century, Dec 1998

Bound To Be Free: Liberated For What?, Christian Century, Aug 2004

Intellect & Will in the Encyclical Fides et Ratio and in Thomas Aquinas, Nova et Vetera, 2005 [PDF]

By Knowledge & By Love, Pro Ecclesia, Winter 2006 [review of book by Sherwin on Aquinas' Moral Theology]

Abstract of Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi: Eucharistic Transubstantiation in the Light of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Calvin College, 2008


Reviews of Books By Hutter

Suffering Divine Things

Clark Pinnock, Theology Today, Apr 2001



Jason Byassee, Going Catholic, Christian Century, Aug 2006 [includes discussion of Hutter among others]

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