Jenson, Robert W.

Jenson, Robert W.

Robert W, Jenson is a leading Lutheran systematic and ecumenical theologian whose doctoral work in 1959 (published in 1963) was on Karl Barth. His major work is his two volume Systematic Theology (1997/1999).


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General Theology

How The World Lost Its Story, First Things, Oct 1993.

On Hegemonic Discourse, First Things, Aug/Sept 1994.

Toward A Christian Doctrine of Israel, Reflections, Center of Theological Inquiry, 1999 lecture.

What If It Were True?, Reflections, Center of Theological Inquiry, 2000 lecture.

Can We Have A Story?, First Things, Mar 2000.

The Future of the Papacy Symposium, First Things, March 2001

Joining the Eternal Conversation: John's Prologue & The Language of Worship, Touchstone, Nov 2001.

On the Doctrine of Atonement, Reflections, 2006.

Medical Ethics

Always To Care, Never To Kill: A Declaration on Euthanasia [signatory], First Things, Feb 1992.

The Inhuman Use of Human Beings: Statement on Embryo Research by the Ramsey Colloquium [signatory], First Things, Jan 1995.

Sexual Ethics

The Homosexual Movement: A Response by the Ramsey Colloquium[signatory], First Things, March 1994

Reading the Body: John Paul II's Theology of the Body, The New Atlantis, Summer 2005.


Political and Social Ethics

"The American People", First Things, April 1999.

More on War, First Things, Aug/Sept 2005 [scroll down for Jenson's contribution]


Book Reviews by Jenson

Hauerwas Examined, Review of Hauerwas, After Christendom, First Things, Aug/Sept 1992.

Learning From the Masters of Suspicion, Review of Merold Westphal, Suspicion & Faith, First Things, April 1994.

Parting Ways?, Review of Pannenberg, Systematic Theology Vol 2, First Things, May 1995.

The Extraordinary & The Quotidian, Review of Reno, The Ordinary Transformed, First Things, Mar 1996.

Catholic & Evangelical?, Review of Pannenberg, Systematic Theology Vol 3, First Things, Oct 1998.

Contradictions of Modernism, Review of T.J. Clark, Farewell To An Idea, First Things, Oct 1999.

Review of Davis et. al, Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Trinity, Theology Today, Jan 2001.

Review of Forte, The Essence of Christianity, Theology Today, July 2004.

Review of Kasper, That They May All be One, Theological Studies, Sept 2006.

Reviews of Jenson's Books

Review of America's Theologian: A Recommendation of Jonathan Edwards by Amy Plantinga Pauw, First Things, May 1990

Review of Catholicity of the Reformation by Leonard R. Klein, First Things, March 1997.

Review of Systematic Theology by Pannenberg, First Things, May 2000.



Week of Pray for Christian Unity, Sermon 1 & Sermon 2, Jan 2006


Epiphany [a poem], Theology Today, Jan 2004.

Tribute to Colin Gunton, Theology Today, Apr 2004.


Profiles etc

The Lively God of Robert Jenson by David Bentley Hart, First Things, Oct 2005.

An Interview with Robert Jenson, Christian Century, May 2007.

Douglas Knight, Robert Jenson on Time

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