Johnson, James Turner

Johnson, James Turner

James T. Johnson, a major writer on the ethics of war and just war theory, is Professor at the Center for Middle East Studies, in the Religion Faculty at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.



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Curriculum  Vitae

Curriculum  Vitae [PDF]

Ethics of War

On US Involvement in Bosnia, Christian Century, May 1993.

An Interest in Bosnia: US Involvement, Christian Century, Feb 1996.

Does Christianity Cause War?, First Things, Dec 1998.

The Question of Intervention, Chpt 3 of Morality & Contemporary Warfare, 1999

War Crimes & Recociliation After Conflict, Chpt of 6 of Morality & Contemporary Warfare, 1999.

In Response To Terror, First Things, Feb 1999.

Terrorism & Just War, Christian Century, Dec 2001 [contributor with others, Johnson at end]

Can Force Be Used Justly? Questions of Retributive & Restorative Justice, Kuyper Lecture, 2001 [PDF]. Response by Kenneth D. Johnson is here [PDF].

Thinking Broadly About Military Ethics, Editorial for Journal of Military Ethics, 2002 [PDF]

Jihad & Just War, First Things, June/July 2002

Using Military Force Against The Saddam Hussein Regime: The Moral Issues, Dec 2002. Based on lecture to Foreign Policy Research Institute.

Just War & Jihad: Two Views of War [Conversation with Christopher Hitchens], Dec 2002.

The Ethics of War, Religion & Ethics News, Transcript of Panel Discussion, April 2003.

Just War, As It Was and Is, First Things, Jan 2005.

The Right Wrongs, First Things, Mar 2005.

Response to Terrorism: Moral Changes, Lecture, Nov 2005 [PDF]


Book Reviews by Johnson



Reviews of Books by Johnson

Review of Johnson's Can Modern War Be Just? by Hauerwas & L. Gregory Jones, Theology Today, April 1986.

The Use & Abuse of "Holy War": Review of Johnson's The Holy War Idea in Western & Islamic Traditions by  Khaled Abou El Fadl, Ethics & International Affairs, Dec 2000.

Review of Johnson's Morality & Contemporary Warfare by Martin L.Cook, Christian Century, Jan 2001.

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