Jones, David

Jones, David

Professor David Albert Jones is Professor of Bioethics in the School of Theology, Philosophy and History at St Mary's University. He has worked particularly on issues at the beginning (status of the embryo) and end (brain death) of life.

Internet Resources

 Curriculum Vitae

 Curriculum Vitae


Embryo, Cloning etc.

A Theologian's Brief: On The Place of the Human Embryo Within The Christian Tradition & The Theological Principles for Evaluating Its Moral Status, June 2001.

Cloning & Stem Cell Research, Submission to House of Lord Select Cttee, June 2001.

The Human Embryo in Christian Tradition: A Historical Note

Bill Worth Disputing, The Tablet, Nov 2007.

Cybrid Vigour, Letter to New Scientist, Feb 2008.

Letter to The Times on Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill, Mar 2008.

Letter to the Guardian on Bill, Mar 2008.

We are stepping out of the ethical mainstream and into murky waters, THES, May 2008.

An Ethical Look at Human-Animal Embryos, Thinking Faith (Online Journal of British Jesuit), May 2008 [PDF]

Embryo Bill Dangers, Letter to The Telegraph (at bottom of page), May 2008.

Missing the Meaning: A Rapid Response to John Burn's "Can a cell have a soul?", BMJ, May 2008


End of Life

Nagging Doubts About Brain Death, CMQ, Feb 1995.

Statement Opposing Brain Death Criteria, 2000 [signatory]

The UK Definition of Death

The Mental Capacity Act and Living Wills including MP3 and Powerpoint from David Jones (and case studies)


Dignitas Personae

Interview on Dignitas Personae part one and part two [MP3]

A briefing on the Instruction Dignitas Personae [PDF]


Other Bioethics

The Hippocratic Oath: Its Content & The Limits To Its Adaptation, CMQ, August 2003.

What The Catholic Church Really Thinks About Medical Research, Guardian, Aug 2008

Report on views on presumed consent in HFEA, THES, Nov 2008.


Reviews of Books by Jones

The Soul of the Embryo

Francis Phillips, Theotokos, 2005

John Keown, CMF, Spring 2006

Approaching the End: A Theological Exploration of Death & Dying

David B. Fletcher, Themelios, Sept 2008.

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