Jones, L. Gregory

Jones, L. Gregory

L. Gregory Jones, a United Methodist pastor, is Professor of Theology and Dean at Duke Divinity School.

Internet Resources


Giving Voice To The Silences, Christian Century, April 1990

The Craft of Forgiveness, Theology Today, October 1993.

The Splendor of Truth: A Symposium, First Things, Jan 1994.

A Little Forgetfulness, Christian Century, Feb 1998

Truth & Lies, Christian Century, Mar 1998.

Shaping Character, Christian Century, Dec 1998.

God's Holiness: God as Holy vs God as Love, Christian Century, Oct 1999

Welcoming the Stranger, Christian Century, Jan 2000

Who Is A Person?, Christian Century, Jan 2000 [scroll down !]

Why Bother To Think? How Critical Thinking Aids Living, Christian Century, Nov 2000.

Princeton Lectures On Youth, Church & Culture, 2000.

Imagining Scripture, Christian Century, June 2002.

The Healthy Church: Embodying Forgiveness, Catalyst, April 2003

Medical Ethics

The "Good Life" or A Life That Is Good? Aging, Death & Christian Theology in American Culture, Word & World, 1993 [PDF]

Bodies of Faith: Reclaiming the Links of Theology, Medicine & Religious Communities [RAM video of lecture]

Shaped By Lament & Hope: Religion In The Face of Death, Christian Century, April 1999

On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying, Christian Century, Aug 2000 [with Keith G. Meador]


Sexual Ethics

Fidelity Makes You Happy, Christian Century, Sept 1998.

Checkbook Revelations: Sexuality & Religion, Christian Century, Feb 1999.

Taking The Long View (on parenting), Christian Century, April 2001.

Tough Love For Sexual Abusers, Christian Century, April/May 2002.


Political/Social Ethics

Roots of Violence: School Murders By School Children, Christian Century, July 1998

A Bottomless Pit: How Society Does Not Aid Ex-Convicts, Christian Century, March 2000.

Truth Or Consequences: Reparations To African-Americans For Slavery, Christian Century, May 2001.

The Practice of Christian Governance, Journal of Religious Leadership, Fall 2002.



Hope For Those Mired In Mud: Toward A Nonprofessional Christian Ministry of Practical Wisdom, Word & World, 1990 [PDF]

Formed For Ministry: A Program In Spiritual Formation, Christian Century, Feb 2000 [with Willie J. Jennings]

Pivotal Leadership, Christian Century, Sept 2001 [with Susan Pendleton]

Psalms of Rage, Christian Century, Feb 2002.

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