Lindbeck, George

Lindbeck, George

George Lindbeck (b. 1923) is a Lutheran theologian seen as a founder of the postliberal school of theology with The Nature of Doctrine being his most famous work. He taught at Yale from 1952 to his retirement in 1993.


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Internet Resources


General Theology

The Hartford Declaration (signatory), Theology Today, April 1975.

Barth and Textuality, Theology Today, Oct 1986

Confession and Community: An Israel-Like View of the Church, Christian Century, May 1990



Reviewing Vatican II: An Interview with George Lindbeck, First Things, Dec 1994 (interview by George Weigel)

How A Lutheran Saw It, Commonweal, Nov 2002. [on Vatican 2]

Paris, Rome, Jerusalem: An Ecumenical Journey, Journal of Ecumenical Studies, Summer/Fall 2004.

The Unity we seek: Setting the Agenda for Ecumenism, Christian Century, Aug 2005


Book Reviews by Lindbeck

Placher, Unapologetic Theology, Theology Today, Apr 1990.

Charry, By the Renewing of Your Minds, Christian Century, June 1998

Bader-Saye, Church and Israel After Christendom: The Politics of Election, Theology Today, Apr 2000


Reviews of Lindbeck's Book


The Nature of Doctrine

John Frame, Presbyterian Journal, Feb 1985

Gordon D. Kaufman, Theology Today, July 1985

Ronald F. Thiemann, Respose to George Lindbeck, Theology Today, Oct 1986


The Church in A Post Liberal Age

Avery Cardinal Dulles, First Things, Oct 2003. Lindeck's letter in response (at end of page with short response from Dulles)



Performing the faith: An interview with George Lindbeck, Christian Century, Nov 2006.

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