McKnight, Scot

McKnight, Scot

Scot McKnight is Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies at North Park University and a leading New Testament scholar influential in the Emerging Church movement.


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Jesus Creed: Jesus and orthodox faith for today [personal blog]


Jesus & The Gospels

Why a Book About the Real Mary?, Chpt 1 of The Real Mary [PDF]

Jesus and the Twelve

The Kingdom of God [PDF of blog posts]

Catching the Wave or Facing the Tsunami?, Feb 2002

DeConstructing the Da Vinci Code: Feminism, Jesus and the Earliest Days of Christianity, 2006 [text and MP3 audio of lecture]



Understanding the New Perspective on Paul [PDF of blogs from Aug 2007]


Emergent Church, Gospel & Mission

DA Carson & The Emergent Movement: Analysis & Response [blogs from Apr 2005]

What Is The Emerging Church?, Westminster Theological Seminary, Oct 2006 [PDF]

Talk at San Diego Pastors' Convention, 2006 [MP3]

Five Streams of the Emerging Church, Christianity Today, Jan 2007

Off the Map Episode 4, Missional Matrix, 2007 [Podcast]

The Whole Gospel, July 2007 [link to audio]

The Eight Marks of A Robust Gospel, Mar 2008

The Ironic Faith of Emergents, Christianity Today, Sept 2008

McLaren Emerging, Christianity Today, Sept 2008

Eikons Glowing With the Presence of God, 2008 [link to audio]


Interviews, Profiles

Faith-Based Scholarship, Mar 2006 [PDF]

Pepperdine People, Jan 2007 [link to Podcast]

Praying With the Church [PDF]



The Professor as Scholar: Exiled to Eden [PDF]

Never Alone, on McKnight's favourite authors [PDF]


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