Milbank, John

Milbank, John

John Milbank is Professor in Religion, Politics and Ethics at Nottingham University. He is one of the founders of the Radical Orthodoxy movement.

Internet Resources


The Centre of Theology and Philosophy

Milbank is the Director and its website has links to a good number of his (and others') articles and lectures.

Programmatic Address: Faith, Reason and Imagination: the Study of Theology and Philosophy in the 21st Century
[Word version ] [PDF version ]


Paul Against Biopolitics
[Word version ] [PDF version ]


The Shares of Being or Gift, Relation and Participation: an Essay on the Metaphysics of Emmanuel Levinas and Alain Badiou
[Word version ] [PDF version ]


Glissando: Life, Gift and the Between
[Word version ] [PDF version ]

Liberality versus Liberalism
[Word version ] [PDF version ]

Fictioning Things: Gift and Narrative
[Word version ] [PDF version ]

Sophiology and Theurgy: the New Theological Horizon
[Word version ] [PDF version ]

The Future Of Love: A reading of Benedict XVI’s encyclical Deus Caritas Est
[Word version ] [PDF version ]
The Thomistic Telescope: Truth and Identity
[Word version ] [PDF version ]
Geopolitical Theology: Economy, Religion and Empire after 9/11
[Word version ] [PDF version ]


Moral Concepts

The Ethics of Self-Sacrifice, First Things, March 1999.

Theology and Social Theory and Its Significance for Community Building: A Conversation with John Milbank [PDF], Dec 2001.

Questions from John Milbank [for discussion? on love, PDF]


Sexual Ethics

The Anglican Communion's Argument Over Homosexuality, Religion & Ethics, Oct 2003


Sovereignty, Empire, Capital & Terror [as PDF], South Atlantic Quarterly, 2002


Christ, The Exception, Reflections, 2001


Obituary for Professor Gillian Rose, The Independent, Dec 1995.

Interviews & Profiles

David Cunningham, The New Orthodoxy?, Christian Century, Nov 1999.

Lois Malcolm, Radical Orthodox, Christian Century, Oct 2000.

Interview on Rowan Williams, Religion & Ethics, Feb 2003

Celebrity Theologian [Interview, PDF]


Other Web Resources

Radical Orthodoxy: A Select Bibliography [PDF], Calvin College

Radical Orthodoxy Online, Calvin College

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