Niebuhr, H. Richard

Niebuhr, H. Richard

H. Richard Niebuhr (1894-1962) was a leading 20th century Protestant theologian (brother of Reinhold) and is most famous for his work Christ and Culture.

Internet Resources

Online Books

The Church Against the World (Willett, Clark & Co, 1935) with Wilhelm Pauck & Francis P. Miller. Niebuhr's sections are:

The Meaning of Revelation (MacMillan, 1954).

The Ministry in Historical Perspectives (with Daniel D. Williams, Harper, 1956)

Radical Monotheism & Western Culture (Harper, 1960).

The Purpose Of The Church & Its Ministry (with Daniel D. Williams & James Gustafson)




The Responsibility of the Church for Society from Kenneth Scott Latourette (ed), The Gospel, The World & The Church (Harper 1946), chpt 5.

Utilitarian Christianity, Christianity & Crisis, July 1946.

Theological Unitarianisms, Theology Today, July 1983 [edited version of 'The Doctrine of The Trinity & The Unity of the Church', Oct 1946]

The Seminary in the Ecumenical Age, Theology Today, Oct 1960.

The Reconstruction of Faith, excerpt from Faith on Earth and appearing in Christian Century, Aug/Sept 1989.

The Anachronism of Jonathan Edwards, excerpt from Theology, History & Culture, 1996 and in Christian Century, May 1996.


Secondary Articles

Miller, William Lee, Review of Ramsey, Faith & Ethics: The Theology H. Richard Niebuhr, Theology Today, Apr 1958.

Welch, Claude, The Making Of An American Mind?, 1975.

Chrystal, William G. The Young H. Richard Niebuhr, Theology Today, July 1981 [bibliographic information]

Porter, Andrew P. The Feritility of Niebuhr's Idea of Monotheism, 1994.

Ottati, Douglas F., God & Ourselves: The Witness of H. Richard Niebuhr, Christian Century, April 1997.

Marsden, George, Christianity & Cultures: Transforming Niebuhr's Categories, Insight, Fall 1999.

Gathje, Peter K., A Contested Classic: Critics Ask: Whose Christ? Which Culture?, Christian Century, June 2002.

W. Stanley Johnson, A Wesleyan Reading of H. Richard Niebuhr's Theology


H.Richard Niebuhr Papers 1919-62

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