Noonan, John T.

Noonan, John T.

John T. Noonan, Jr, (b. 1928) is a leading American Roman Catholic lawyer, judge and writer on ethical issues (most famously contraception and moral development in Catholic teaching). He is associated with the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture and the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory University.


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Internet Resources


Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae [PDF}


Moral Concepts

Magna Est Veritas: "Great Is Truth, It Prevails", Erasmus Lecture, Jan 1986.

Development in Moral Doctrine, Theological Studies, Dec 1993.



Medical Ethics

'An Almost Absolute Value in History' from The Morality of Abortion, 1970, pp51-59 [PDF, HTML here]

Abortion: A Civilized Exchange (with Ernest van den Haag), National Review, Sept 1985


Social/Political Ethics

Calling for a Constitutional Convention, National Review, July 1985

Conscience and the Constitution, Oct 2007.

Book Reviews by Noonan

Douglass & Hollenbach, Catholicism & Liberalism, Commonweal, Mar 1994.


Stars of the Order: Brilliance, Diversity, Reflecting and Reflected Light, Spirituality Today, Summer 1990

One Center, Many Centers, Lecture at Center for the Study of Law and Religion, Oct 2007


Articles on Noonan

A Response To John T. Noonan Jr. Concerning the Development of Catholic Moral Doctrine by Patrick M. O'Neil, Faith & Reason, Spring/Summer 1996.

A Case of Doctrinal Development: John T. Noonan, Jurist, Historian, Author, Sage by John T. McGreevey, Commonweal, Nov 2000

The Religious Imagination and Hearing the "Other": Judge John T. Noonan, Catholic Social Teaching & Immigration by Kathryn A. Lee, Lilly Fellows Conference, Nov 2004 [PDF]. Simlar or reprint here

Religious Freedom: The Founders vs Judge Noonan, The Claremont Institute




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