Placher, William C.

Placher, William C.

William C. Placher (1948-2008),a leading Presbyterian post-liberal theologian, was LaFollette Distinguished Professor in the Humanities at Wabash College

Internet Resources



Is the Bible True?, Christian Century, Oct 1995

Theology For the Whole Church, Boston Theological Institute, Feb 1998

Being Postliberal: A Response to James Gustafson, Christian Century, Apr 1999 (A response to Gustafson to which Gustafson responded)

Helping Theology Matter: A Challenge for the Mainline, Christian Century, Oct 1998

An Engagement with Marilyn McCord Adams' Horrendous Evil & The Goodness of God, Scottish Journal of Theology, 2002 [PDF]

Hans Frei & The Meaning of Biblical Narrative, Christian Century

What Do Presbyterians Believe About the Authority of Scripture? [PDF]


Sexual Ethics

Struggling with Scripture, Sermon to Covenant Conference, Nov 2000


Social & Political Ethics

You Were In Prison, Christian Century, Sept/Oct 2001.


Book Reviews

Stout, Jeffrey, After Babel, Christian Century, Aug 1989

Kaufman, Gordon, In Face of Mystery, Christian Century, May 1993

Gerrish, B.A., The Pilgrim Road and Saving & Secular Faith, Christian Century, Apr 2000

Petersen, Rodney & Rourke, Nancy, Theological Literacy for the 21st Century, Christian Century, Feb 2003

Pelikan, Jaroslav, Credo and Creeds & Confessions of Faith in the Christian Tradition, Christian Century, Sept 2003

Farley, Margaret, Just Love, Christian Century, Oct 2006

Hitchens, Christopher, God is Not Great, Christian Century, Sept 2007 [PDF]



Study Guide for Placher's Jesus the Savior (with Preface by Placher) [PDF]



Legend Lost: Wabash Mourns Placher

Faith & Theology blog with comments from several leading theologians



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