Radner, Ephraim

Radner, Ephraim

Ephraim Radner, an ordained Anglican priest who served recently in the Diocese of Colorado in the US, is Professor of Historical Theology at Wycliffe College, Toronto.

Internet Resources

General & Historical Theology

Passing Through Hard Facts: The Poetry of R.S. Thomas, Christian Century, Nov 1986

From 'Liberation' to 'Exile': A New Image For Church Mission, Christian Century, Oct 1989

The Discrepancies of Two Ages: Thoughts on Keble's 'Mysticism of the Fathers' [PDF]

A Response To Christopher Duraisingh's "Contextual and Catholic", Anglican Theological Review, Fall 2000.


Sexual Ethics


An Appeal For A Moratorium On Altering the Church's Teaching on Homosexuality & For the Protection of Private Conscience [with George Sumner], SEAD Harvest, July 1996

The Theological Rationale: Public Sacrament & Private Discipline, SEAD Harvest, July 1996 [scroll down page]



Contemporary Anglican Matters

Conformity, Canon & Anglican Comprehensiveness, SEAD Harvest, Oct 1995.

An Open Letter To the Conservative Clergy of the Diocese of Colorado, Response from Noll, Radner's Response

Radner/Peterson Memo to Bp Winterrowd on Foreign Bishops, Nov 2000

The Authority of General Convention [with Reno, Seitz, Turner & Zahl]

'What Are We To Do?': The Humiliation of Anglicanism, ACI, Jan 2004, Response from Fitzsimons Allison, and Radner response.

Response to Bishop Johnson's Pastoral Letter Concerning AAC Memo, Jan 16th 2004

The Call To Accountability: The Parable of the AMiA, response from two Primates, Radner response, Jan 2004.

Concerning Anglican Fascism, ACI response to Mark Harris

Freedom and Covenant: The Miltonian Analogy Transfigured, Anglican Theological Review, Fall 2005.

Reviews of Books

Chilton & Neusner, Comparing Spiritualities, Anglican Theological Review, Fall 2002



New World Order, Old World Anti-Semitism - Pat Robertson of the Christian Coalition, Christian Century, Sept 1995.



Two Sermons at Ascension Episcopal Church - Gracious Poverty (2 Cor 8.1ff) and The Birth of the Soul (Jn 3.1-17)




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