Reno, Russell

Reno, Russell

Russell Reno, a former Anglican, now Roman Catholic is Professor of Theological Ethics at Creighton University

Internet Resources



The Radical Orthodoxy Project, First Things, Feb 2000.

"You Have Been Brought Near": Reflections in the Aid of Theological Exegesis, Touchstone, July/Aug 2002 [paper from 2000, in In the Ruins]

Postmodern Irony & Petronian Humanism, [from In the Ruins, PDF]

Introduction to In the Ruins [PDF]



Book Reviews by Reno

Review of McGrath, The Renewal of Anglicanism, SEAD Harvest, Oct 1995

Waiting for Jeremiah: Review of Paul J. Griffths, Religious Reading: The Place of Reading In The Practice of Religion, First Things, Oct 1999

Trinity & Truth, Review of Bruch Marshall, First Things, Oct 2000

Taking Responsibility: Review of Hauerwas, With the Grain of the Universe, First Things, Jan 2002.

The Limits of Theory: Review of Praise & Blame: Moral Realism & Its Application, by Daniel N. Robinson, First Things, Dec 2003



Good Restaurants in Gomorrah, First Things, Feb 1998

Assessing the Righter Trial Decision, SEAD Harvest, June 1998

American Satyricon, First Things, Oct 2001.

Fighting the Noonday Devil, First Things, Aug/Sept 2003.

Be Steadfast: A Letter to Confessing Christians [signatory, PDF]

Reviews of Reno's Books

Review of The Ordinary Transformed by Robert W. Jenson, First Things, March 1996

Review of In the Ruins by Cynthia L. Rigby, First Things, June 2003


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