Salzman, Todd A.

Salzman, Todd A.

Todd A. Salzman is a Roman Catholic moral theologian who is Associate Professor of Ethics in the Department of Theology at Creighton University where he also serves in the Center for Health Policy and Ethics

Internet Resources


Moral Concepts

Experience, Goods & Natural Law: Particular To Someone Everywhere [PDF]


Sexual Ethics

Catholic Sexual Ethics: Complementarity & The Truly Human, Theological Studies, Sept 2006 [with Michael Lawler]

Truly Human Sexual Acts: A Response to Patrick Lee & Robert George, Theological Studies, Sept 2008 [with Michael Lawler in response to this article]


Political & Social Ethics

Catholics & Colonialism: The Church's Failure in Rwanda, Commonweal, May 1997.


Book Reviews by Salzman

Jean Amery, On Suicide, Theological Studies, Sept 2000.

James T. Bretzke, A Morally Complex World, Theological Studies, June 2005.

Christopher Roberts, Creation and Covenant, Theological Studies, June 2008.


Reviews of Books by Salzman

Keenan on Deontology & Teleology, Theological Studies, Dec 1996.

MacCammon on Method & Catholic Moral Theology, Theological Studies, June 2001.

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