Seitz, Christopher

Seitz, Christopher

Christopher Seitz, an ordained Anglican priest and Old Testament scholar is Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Wycliffe College, Toronto. He is also President of the Anglican Communion Institute.

Internet Resources


Old Testament & Scriptural Authority

Wellhausen Goes To Yale, Christian Century, Jan 1991.

The Changing Face of Old Testament Studies, Christian Century, Oct 1992.

The Old Testament As Abiding Theological Witness: Inscripting a Theological Curriculum, Theology Today, July 1997.

The Vitiating of Scripture In A Double-Minded Church, June 2000.

Scripture & Trinity In The Virginia Report, Sept 2000.


Sexual Ethics

Human Sexuality Viewed From The Bible's Understanding of the Human Condition, Theology Today, July 1995.

Sexuality & Scripture's Plain Sense: The Christian Community & The Law of God, July 1996 [last article at end of page].


Contemporary Anglicanism

The Authority of General Convention [signatory]

Anglican Communion or Federalist Alliance?, June 2003.

If the Gay Issue Splits the Church, So Be It, Letter to Independent, Aug 2003

Can Classical Anglican Comprehensiveness be Reconstructed?, Feb 2004



A Good Friday Reflection (Jn 18:1-27), Mar 2008



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