Spohn, William C.

Spohn, William C.

William C. Spohn (1944-2005), a Roman Catholic moral theologian, was Augustine Cardinal Bea SJ Distinguished Professor of Theological Ethics and Director of the Bannan Center for Jesuit Education at Santa Clara University.

Internet Resources


Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae [PDF]


Moral Concepts


The Magisterium & Morality, Theological Studies, Mar 1993

Teaching Christian Ethics In A Jesuit University, Conversations, Spring 1994. [PDF, last page]

Jesus & Christian Ethics, Theological Studies, Mar 1995

Who Counts? Images Shape Our Moral Community, Issues in Ethics, Spring 1996.

Is There Such A Thing As New Testament Ethics? [Review of Hays, Moral Vision], Christian Century, May 1997.

Spirituality & Ethics: Exploring the Connections, Theological Studies, 1997

Conscience and Moral Development, Theological Studies, March 2000

Moral Theology After Vatican II., Fall 2001

Discovering the Path: Santa Clara's New Initiative on Vocation, Bannan Center, Spring 2003.

Moral Community: Boundaries on Hospitality?

Knowledge of Self & Knowledge of God: A Reconstructed Empricist Interpretation [with Thomas A. Byrnes]

Jonathan Edwards & Sovereign Beauty


Medical Ethics

Caring To The End, Issues in Ethics, Winter 2003


Sexual Ethics

The American Myth of Divorce, Issues in Ethics, Spring 1998


Political/Social Ethics

Rights of Passage: The ethics of immigration and refugee policy, Theological Studies, Mar 1998 [with William R. O'Neill]

Osama bin Laden & The Duty To Forgive, Nov 2001.

On The Morality Of Pre-emptive Military Attacks, Oct 2002.



Spiritual Paths To Virtue, Review of Au & Cannon, Urgings of the Heart, Issues in Ethics, Winter 1997

The University That Does Justice, Bannan Center, Spring 2001.

Jesuits & Women: A Historic Commitment, Bannan Center, Winter 2001 [as HTML].


Book Reviews by Spohn

Harrington & Keenan, Jesus and Virtue Ethics, America, Sept 2003

Pope, The Ethics of Aquinas, Theological Studies, June 2003

Verhey, Remembering Jesus, Theology Today, Jan 2003

Pinckaers, Morality: The Catholic View, Theological Studies, Mar 2002.

Jersild, Spirit Ethics, Theological Studies, Dec 2000.

LeRoy Long, To Liberate and Redeem, Theological Studies, Dec 1998

Hays, Moral Vision, Christian Century, May 1997.

Lehmann, The Decalogue & A Human Future, Theological Studies, June 1996

McDonald, Biblical Interpretation & Christian Ethics, Theological Studies, Dec 1994.

Sleeper, The Bible & The Moral Life, Theological Studies, Sept 1993.

Book Review of Spohn

Go & Do Likewise

Richard Hays

Frank Matera

Allen Verhey



Lisa Sowle Cahill

On The Contributions to Theological Scholarship of William C. Spohn, special edition of Explore, Spring 2007

In Memory of Bill Spohn (links to video of panel on his contribution)

William C. Spohn Memorial Fund

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