Stringfellow, William

Stringfellow, William

William Stringfellow (1928-85) was an Episcopalian lawyer, lay biblical scholar and theologian and radical social critic.


William Stringfellow at Wikipedia

Internet Resources


William Stringfellow blog by Anthony Dancer (who did his doctorate on Stringfellow) with audio of study guide for Ethics for Christians



The Incarnation & Social Responsibility, Christian Century, 1966.

William Stringfellow's Circus [PDF of "The Idea of Society as a Circus" (1966) and other circus-related excerpts]

Getting Ready For God, An Advent Bible Study Guide for Adults

The Church in the City, Theology Today, July 1963.

No Priesthood; No Laity, from A Private & Public Faith, 1962.


Political/Social Ethics

An Indictment & A Reply [with Anthony Towne], New York Review of Books, Feb 1971.


Articles on Stringfellow by Bill Wylie-Kellerman

Faithful to the Word: The Writings of William Stringfellow, Sojourner, July 1994.

Not Vice Versa: Reading the powers biblically: Stringfellow, hermeneutics and the principalities, Anglican Theological Review, Fall 1999

An Ethic of Resurrection, Sojourners, Mar 2005


Other Articles on Stringfellow/Tributes etc


Marshall Ron Johnston, Bombast, blasphemy, and the bastard gospel: William Stringfellow and American exceptionalism, PhD dissertation, Baylor, 2007 [link to full text, PDF]

Guide To William Stringfellow Papers 1940-85, Cornell University.

William Stringfellow: Keeper of the Word [a Stringfellow icon, meditation on icon and Stringfellow]

On Saying NO To Death: Harrisburg 1972 by J. Norman Thorson, Theology Today, July 1972

The World Turned Upside Down: William Stringfellow by Simon Barrow

Tribute by Victor Shepherd

The Biblical Circus of William Stringfellow, Mar 2008


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