Sutton, Agneta

Sutton, Agneta

Agneta Sutton is a Roman Catholic bioethicist, Senior Lecturer in Moral Theology at the University of Chichester and Fellow of the Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity.

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Medical Ethics

Infertility & Assisted Conception: What You Should Know, The Catholic Bishops' Joint Cttee on Bioethical Issues, 1993 [PDF, whole booklet]

Clinical Genetics & Hippocratic Medicine, Medical Ethics & Bioethics, July-Sept 1996 [PDF, pp7-10]

Old Age & The Economy, Catholic Medical Quarterly, May 2000

Legalizing Euthanaisa: A Significant Move, CBHD, Nov 2001

Recent Developments in Human Stem Cell Research in the UK, Catholic Medical Quarterly, Nov 2004

The Embryology Bill: What Is At Stake?, April 2008 [as PDF]

Peter Singer's Understanding of Personhood, CBHD, Extract from Christian Bioethics: A Guide For the Perplexed, ch2

Do Human-Animal Hybrids & Chimeras Mean The Abolition of Man?, Medicina y Etica, 2008 [PDF]

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