Swartley, Willard

Swartley, Willard

Williard Swartley, a leading Mennonite scholar, is Professor Emeritus of New Testament at the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary.

Internet Resources



Biblical Faith Confronting Opposing Spiritual Realities, Direction, Fall 2000.


Sexual Ethics

The Church & Homosexuality: Review Essay, The Mennonite Quarterly Review, April 2002.


Political/Social Ethics

The Christian & The Payment of Taxes Used For War, 1980



Report on teaching on Biblical Spirituality: Healing/Deliverance Ministry


Book Reviews by Swartley

Hauerwas et al, The Wisdom of the Cross: Essays in Honor of John Howard Yoder, Theology Today, Oct 2000

Loewen, The Bible in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Direction, Fall 2001.

Shillington, Reading the Sacred Text: An Introduction to Biblical Studies, Direction, Fall 2004


Responses to Swartley

Michael Hardin, "All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance": An Appraisal of Willard Swartley's Covenant of Peace, Nov 2006 [DOC].

David J. Neville, The Second Testament as A Covenant of Peace, Biblical Theology Bulletin, Spring 2007.

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