Vanhoozer, Kevin

Vanhoozer, Kevin

Kevin J. Vanhoozer is Research Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. His best known work is on hermeneutics, Scripture and the nature of Christian doctrine.

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Internet Resources


The Inerrancy of Scripture, Latimer Comment [PDF]

Hyperactive Hermeneutics: Is The Bible Being Over-Interpreted?, Catalyst, April 1993.

Body Piercing, The Natural Sense & The Task of Theological Interpretation: A Hermeneutical Homily on Jn 19.34, Shorter form of paper in Ex Auditu, 2001.

The Promise of Consensus: Towards a Communicative Hermeneutic, The Bible in Transmission, Spring 2001. [PDF]

Worship at the Well: From Dogmatics to Doxology (and back again), Trinity Journal, Spring 2002.

Theology & The Condition of Postmodernity, From Cambridge Companion to Postmodern Theology, 2003 [PDF, final few pages of conclusion missing]

Theological Education & The Church: The School of Theodrama, Notes & Questions, 2004 [PDF]

20th Century AD, Christian Century, Aug 2005.

Response to Kostenberger's Review of Drama of Doctrine, May 2007 [original review]


Lectures [Audio files]

What Has Vienna To Do With Jerusalem? Barth, Brahms & Bernstein's Unanswered Question, Westminster Theological Seminary, March 2000 [RAM]

The Stage, The Story & The Script, Asbury Theological Seminary, 15 Mar 2007 [MP3]

Doing Church: The Theatre of the Gospel, Asbury Theological Seminary, 16 Mar 2007 [MP3]

The Strange New Status Symbol of the Cross, Wheaton College, 19 Mar 2008


Book Reviews by Vanhoozer

Lundin, The Promise of Hermeneutics, Theology Today, Oct 2000

Greene-McKreight, Ad Litteram: How Augustine, Calvin and Barth Read Genesis 1-3, Anglican Theological Review, Fall 2000

Eberhard, The Middle Voice in Gadamer's Hermeneutics, Theology Today, Jan 2005.

Interviews & Profiles

Creating a Theological Symphony, Christianity Today, Feb 1999

Experience the Drama, on The Drama of Doctrine, Spring 2006 [PDF]

Interview with Guy Davies, Sept 2007


Writing on Vanhoozer

On Determinate Meanings In Texts: A Comparison Of the Hermeneutic Theories of Kevin Vanhoozer & Stephen Fowl by Scott David Foutz, Quodlibet, Sept/Oct 1999.

Mapping Biblical Literature & Theology With Kevin Vanhoozer by Antony Billington, The Glass, Winter 2000.

Meaning, Intention & Application: Speech Act Theory in the Hermeneutics of Francis Watson & Kevin Vanhoozer, Trinity Journal, Fall 2002.

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