Volf, Miroslav

Volf, Miroslav

Miroslav Volf (b. 1956) is a Croatian evangelical theologian from a Pentecostal background who is Director of the Yale Centre for Faith and Culture and Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology at Yale Divinity School.


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Internet Resources

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae [PDF]


The Stob Lectures, Love's Memory: Theology & The Art of Remembering, Oct 2002.

Princeton Theological Seminary Institute for Youth Ministry, 2002 Lectures

Following Christ Conference, Dec 2002

  • Kingdom & Calling Exposition [MP3]
  • Response to Ramachandra on Incarnation & Service [MP3]

Free of Charge: Giving & Forgiving In A Culture Stripped of Grace, Calvin College, Jan 2007 [RAM] or [MP3]

Dudleian Lecture: Memory, Salvation & Perdition, Harvard Divinity School, Mar 2005 [embedded video of lecture, see below for text as PDF]

General Theology & Ethics

Soft Difference: Theological Reflections on the Relation Between Church & Culture in 1 Peter, Ex Auditu, 1994

The Spirit & The Church, Conrad Grebel Review, Fall 2000 (with Maurice Lee, PDF, pp 20-45, followed by various responses)

The Role Of The 'Other', Presentation 2001.

The Healthy Church: Embodying Diversity, Catalyst, March 2003.

A Voice of One's Own: Public Faith In A Pluralist World, April 2005 [PDF]

God At Work [PDF]

Memory, Salvation & Perdition [PDF]

The Church's Great Malfunctions, Nov 2006

Response to Jon Levinson's Death & Resurrection of the Beloved Son.

Dancing For God: Evangelical Theological Education in Global Context, [PDF] ICETE Conference for Theological Educators, Aug 2003 [claims to be uncorrected draft for private circulation only !]

The Eighth Day of Creation [on Berdyaev], Books & Culture, Jan/Feb 2004.

Fishing in the Neighbours' Pond: Mision & Prosleytism in Eastern Europe [PDF]


Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Violence etc.


Distance & Belonging, Chpt 14 of Abrahamic Faiths, Ethnicity & Ethnic Conflicts (ed Paul Peachey et. al.) [whole text online]

A Vision of Embrace: Theological Perspectives on Cultural Identity and Conflict, The Ecumenical Review, April 1995.

Demons or Evildoers?, Christian Century, April 1998

Victory of Peace, Christian Century, June 1999

Divine VIolence?, Christian Century, Oct 1999

Reconciled In The End, Christian Century, Nov 1999

Love Your Heavenly Enemy: How Are We Going To Live Eternally With Those We Can't Stand Now?, Christianity Today, Oct 2000.

Forgiveness, Reconciliation & Justice: A Christian Contribution To More Peaceful Social Environments [PDF], Capps Lecture, Feb 2001

Fortress Mentality, Christian Century, Oct 2001

Evil & Evildoers, Christian Century, Nov 2001

From Exclusion to Embrace: Reflections on Reconciliation [talk given on Sept 11th 2001 at UN Prayer Breakfast ! - later conclusion]

Redeeming the Past?, Christian Century, Feb 2002

More Religion, Less Violence, Christian Century, April 2002

Indefensible War, Christian Century, Sept/Oct 2002.

Guns & Crosses, Christian Century, May 2003.

Christianity & Violence, [PDF] Paper at Tools For Peace Conference, Oct 2003

Kissing the Lizard: On Memory & Forgiveness, Books & Culture, Mar/April 2004.

Christianity & Violence, March 2004 program with Volf [with audio links]

Letting Go: The Final Miracle of Forgiveness, Christian Century, Dec 2006

Giving Forgiveness, Inner Compass, Calvin College, video [MP4], audio [MP3]

First Justice, Then Reconciliation?

God's Forgiveness & Ours: Memory of Interrogations, Interrogation of Memory, Jan/Feb 2006 [PDF]

A Special Kind of Gift (excerpt from Free of Charge, PDF)


Medical Ethics

The Gift of Infertility, Christian Century, June 2005.


Sexual Ethics

Married Love, Chrisian Century, June 2002.

Faith Should Help Us Connect Sex To Loving Others, Washington Post, Feb 2007


Political Ethics

Nation Is Not A Religious Category, Washington Post, Dec 2006.

Politicians Need To Explain Themselves, Including Their Religious Beliefs, Washington Post, Jan 2007

Iraq War Not A Just War, Washington Post, Jan 2007

Welcoming Remarks at Are We Safe Yet?, Sarah Smith Memorial Conference 2008

God, Justice & Love, Review of Wolterstorff, Justice, Christianity Today, Feb 2009


Christian Century Articles

Teachers, Crusts & Toppings, Professing the Faith: Reflections on a Vocation, Christian Century, Feb 1996

Allegiance and Rebellion, Christian Century, July 1997

Black Milk of Daybreak, Christian Century, Aug 1997

A Cup of Coffee, Christian Century, Oct 1997

Shopkeeper's God, Christian Century, Nov 1997

Sheep, Wolves & Doves, Christian Century, Dec 1997

Narratives of Hope, Christian Century, Jan 1998 (with Tammy Williams)

The Core of the Faith, Christian Century, Mar 1998

Ambiguity & Grace, Christian Century, May 1998

Kneeling to Remember, Christian Century, July 1998

She Who Truly Loves, Christian Century, Aug 1998

Piercing the Heart, Christian Century, Oct 1998

When Hungers Clash, Christian Century, Nov 1998

Taking God To Court, Christian Century, Dec 1998

Difficult, Very Difficult, Christian Century, Jan 1999

Proclaiming the Lord's Death, Christian Century, Mar 1999

Remember That You Will Die, Christian Century, April 1999

Negative externality, Christian Century, May 1999

Washing away, washing up, Christian Century, Aug 1999

In My Own Voice?, Christian Century, Dec 1999

But I Am Not Abraham, Christian Century, Feb 2000

Ecumenical Quandry, Christian Century, Mar 2000

Floating along?, Christian Century, Apr 2000

Scaling A Sandy Slope, Christian Century, May 2000

Militants for Peace, Christian Century, June 2000

Diminished, Christian Century, Aug 2000

Power Play, Christian Century, Oct 2000

Is It God's Business?, Christian Century, Nov 2000

A Politician For All Seasons, Christian Century, Dec 2000

Freed from Selfhood, Christian Century, Jan 2001

Rules, rules and more rules, Christian Century, Feb 2001.

A Letter to Timothy, Christian Century, May 2001

More Blessed to Give, Christian Century, June 2001.

God as Santa, Santa as God, Christian Century, Dec 2001

The 3 R's of Urban Mission, Christian Century, July 2002

Way of Life, Christian Century, Nov 2002

Be Particular, Christian Century, Jan 2003

Can We Be Good Without God?, Christian Century, Mar 2003

Nothing But The Truth, Christian Century, July 2003

One-way Giving, Christian Century, Jan 2003.

Dancing for God, Christian Century, Sept 2003.

Foolish Gifts, Christian Century, Jan 2004.

Your Scripture Meets Mine, Christian CenturyOct 2004.

Not Optismistic, Christian CenturyDec 2004

I Protest, Therefore I Believe, Christian Century, Feb 2005

You Can't Deal With God, Christian CenturyApr 2005

Changing and Changeless [on Ratzinger], Christian Century, May 2005.

Not By Sausage Alone, Christian Century, Aug 2005

Love Affair, Christian Century, Oct 2005.

Leaving Jesus Behind, Christian Century, Nov 2005

Sharing Wisdom, Christian Century, July 2008

An ultimate somebody, Christian Century, Oct 2008


Washing Post Short Answers

An Astounding Claim, Washington Post, Dec 2006

Mischief-Making False Gods Need To Be Denounced, Washing Post, Dec 2006.

A Saintly Deed By Parents Affects Me A Century Later, Washington Post, Jan 2007


Book Reviews by Volf

Welker, God The Spirit, Theoloy Today, Oct 1996 [with Marianne Meye Thompson]

Toole, Waiting for Godot in Sarajevo, Christian Century, Oct 1998

Hall, Confessing the Faith, Theology Today, Oct 1998

Bauckham & Hart, Hope Against Hope, Theology Today, Jan 2001

Wolterstorff, Justice: Rights and Wrongs, Christianity Today, Feb 2009

Engagements with Volf

Review of Work in the Spirit by Amy Plantinga Mauw, Theology Today, July 1992.

Special Issue of Conrad Grebel Review, Fall 200, with lengthy profile by A. James Reimer article by Volf on Spirit & Church (see above), 4 responses (including Clark Pinnock) and conversations with Volf [PDF]

J. Alexander Sider, 'To See History Doxologically': Miroslav Volf's & John Howard Yoder's Competing Conceptions, June 2001.

Where Two or Three Are Gathered: Miroslav Volf's Free Church Ecclesiology, by Nicholas A. Jesson [PDF], 2003.


Profiles & Interviews with Volf

Miroslav Volf: Speaking Truth to the World, Christianity Today, Feb 1999.

To Embrace the Enemy: Is Reconciliation Possible in the Wake of Such Evil?, Christianity Today, Sept 2001 [interview with Volf post 9/11]

For the Sake of God, Interview Nov 2001 [PDF]

Miroslav Volf Spans Conflicting Worlds by Mark Oppenheimer, Christian Century, Jan 2003.

Religion & Ethics Profile, April 2004

Miroslav Volf on Trends in American Religion & The Challenge of Exclusion & Embrace in Christian Practice, Interview by Tracy Schier [PDF]

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