Watt, Helen

Watt, Helen

Helen Watt is the Director of the Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics, a Christian bioethics institute formed by Roman Catholic moral teaching and based in London.

Internet Resources


A Brief Defense of Frozen Embryo Adoption

In Vitro Fertilization

Human Cloning

Living Together: Pregnancy & Parenthood (on abortion)

Embryo Screening: Good Parents? Choosing A Donor Child

Co-operation Problems In Biomedical Research

The Diane Blood Case, 1997

Pre-Implantation Diagnosis, 1997

Euthanasia: Unpacking The Debate, 2002

'Ordinary' and 'Extraordinary' Means of Prolonging Life, extract from Life & Death in Healthcare Ethics: A Short Introduction, 2000.

Decisions Relating to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: commentary 3: Degrading lives?, JMedEthics 2001, Response to this. See also Gill & Luttrell responses

Minutes of Evidence to House of Lords Select Cttee on Stem Cell Research, July 2001 [along with other Christian & Jewish contributors]

Response to Human Bodies, Human Choices: A Consultation Report of the Department of Health, 2002 [with Anthony McCarthy]

Response to Lord Chancellor's Department Making Decisions Leaflets (Consultation April 2002), [with Luke Gormally]

Thinking Twice: Cloning & IVF, Ethics & Medicine, Summer 2002.

Response to White Paper, Our Inheritance, Our Future, 2003 [with Anthony McCarthy]

Tissue Typing, 2003

Response to the Draft Mental Incapacity Bill, Sept 2003 [with Gormally & Keown], Submisssion by Catholic Bishops' Conference & Linacre Centre.

Linacre Centre Submission to the Science & Technology Cttee Inquiry into Government Proposals for the Regulation of Hybrid and Chimera Embryos, with Anthony McCarthy [PDF]

Cloning in Korea, 2005

Selecting Children, 2007

Life or Lifestyle?, The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Bill, 2008

The Case Against Assisted Dying, 2008


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