Wink, Walter

Wink, Walter

Walter Wink (b. 1935) is Professor Emeritus of Biblical Interpretation at Auburn Theological Seminary in New York City. He is best known for his trilogy on the powers.

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Internet Resources

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae [PDF]


Bible & Theology

The Bible In Human Transformation, 1973 [full text online]

How I Have Been Snagged By The Seat of My Pants While Reading the Bible, Christian Century, Sept 1975

Letting Parables Live, Christian Century, Nov 1980.

The New RSV: The Best Translation, Half Way There, Christian Century, Sept 1990.

Those obstreperous idiots - Living by the Word - Acts 4:5-12. Christian Century, Apr 1994.

Real at any cost - 2 Cor 12:1-10, Christian Century, June 1994

The Son of The Man: The Stone That The Builders Rejected, Lecture Jan 2000.

Without A Vision The People Perish, Other Side, Mar/Apr 2000.

A Personal & Social Transformation Through Scripture, Feb 2004.

Reflection on Mt 22:15-22 & Mt 22.32-46, Oct 2008 [both PDF]


Sexual Ethics

Biblical Perspectives on Homosexuality, Christian Century, Nov 1979.

Homosexuality & The Bible, 1986 expansion of Christian Century article of 1979 [also as PDF]

To Hell With Gays: Sex & The Bible, Review of Gagnon, The Bible & Homosexuality, Christian Century, June 2002.

Gays & The Bible: A Response To Walter Wink by Robert Gagnon [Wink replies and Gagnon responds again], Christian Century, August 2002

The Wink-Gagnon Exchanges in Christian Century & Gagnon's full (12 ,000 word!) response to Wink [both PDF]

The Powers

History Belongs To The Intercessors, Extract from The Powers That Be

The Domination System & God's Domination-Free Order, Chart from Engaging The Powers, 1992, p46


Violence, War & Pacifism

Beyond Just War & Pacifism: Jesus' NonViolent Way

Nonviolence Playlets - explanation & text [DOC]

The Third Way, Talk & Interview, Nov 1993

The Myth of Redemptive Violence, Bible in Transmission, Spring 1999 [PDF]

Guns R Us? Review of Bellesiles, Arming America: The Origins Of A National Gun Culture, Christian Century, Mar 2001.

Breaking the Cycle of Violence, Creating Circles of Peace, Comments on the Crisis in America, The Lutheran, Nov 2001 [PDF]

Nonviolence For the Violent, Lecture June 2001.

The Silence of God, Sojourners, Nov/Dec 2001.

The Bonhoeffer Assumption, Sojourners, Jan/Feb 2002.

Hard Questions for Peacemakers, Sojourners, Jan/Feb 2002

Can Love Save The World?, Yes!, Winter 2001/2002 [on pacifism & violence]

The Powers That Be: Jesus & Spiritual Violence, Address April 2003.

Christian NonViolence, Dec 2004

Turning the other cheek: What Did Jesus Really Mean, Catholic New Times, Feb 2005

Jesus' Third Way, Catholic New Times, Mar 2005

Facing the Myth of Redemptive Violence, Nov 2007

Jesus' Third Way of Nonviolent Resistance compiled by Charles Moorhouse Bidwell from Wink's works and posted on Net with Wink's permission.

Babylon Revisited: How Violent Myths Resurface Today, taken from Engaging the Powers

Jesus & Alinsky, Excerpt from The Impossible Will Take A Little While

Walter Wink on Nonviolence for the Violent [links to YouTube videos]



Biting the Bullet: The Case For Legalising Drugs, Christian Century, August 1990

Getting Off Drugs, The Legalization Option, Friends Journal, 1996.

Drug Policy: The Fix We're In, Christian Century, Jan 1999 [review of Michael Massing, The Fix]


Other Social & Political Ethics

EcoBible: The Bible & Economic Justice, Theology Today, Jan 1993.

Excuse Me! Apology in Statecraft, Editorial in Christian Century, Oct 1998

Apocalypse Now?, Christian Century, Oct 2001


Book Reviews by Wink

Review of Thiselton, The Two Horizons, Theology Today, Jan 1981

Review of Kovel, History & Spirit: An Inquiry Into the Philosophy of Liberation, Theology Today, July 1992.

Hill, The English Bible & The 17th Century Revolution, Christian Century, Mar 1994

Ackerman & Kruegle, Strategic Non-Violent Conflict, June 1994

Peters, Sin: Radical Evil in Soul & Society, Christian Century, July 1994



A Time To Weep, April 1999

Jim Wallis interview with Wink, Nov 2001.



Walking M. Scott Peck's Less Travelled Road, Theology Today, Oct 1991.

Write What You See: An Odyssey, The Fourth R, May/June 1994 [autobiography].

Engagements with Wink's Work

Confronting the Powers That Be by Vern Rossman, A Study Guide to Wink's Engaging the Powers & The Powers That Be

Six Critics Review Wink's The Human Being: Jesus & The Enigma of the Son of Man, Cross Currents, Summer 2003 [J Harold Ellens: Summary & Appreciation, Jack Miles: Myth of the Suppressing Church, Alan F. Segal, Review & Appreciation, Wink's Response to Miles & to Segal]

Back To The Future: Walter Wink's The Bible In Human Transformation After Thirty Years by Wayne G Rollins, SBL: 2003.

Alastair MacIntosh, Engaging Walter Wink's Powers - An Activist's Testimony, Contribution to Festschrift, 2008 [PDF]

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