Witte, John

Witte, John

John Witte Jr. is Director of the Center for the Study of Law & Religion at Emory University.

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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Christianity & Law


"A most mild and equitable establishment of religion": John Adams and the Massachusetts experiment, Journal of Church & State, Spring 1999

The New Freedom of Public Religion, Sept 2003 [PDF]

Publick Religion: Adams vs Jefferson, First Things, Mar 2004

Law and Religion in Modern Legal Education: Legal Positivism and the Rise of Interdisciplinary Legal Study, Sept 2004 [PDF]

Uncomfortable with Public Displays of Religion? Then Avoid Them, Mar 2005 [PDF]

Facts and Fictions of Separation of Church and State: There is No ‘Wall’, Mar 2005 [PDF]

The Challenges of Christian Jurisprudence, Mar 2005 [PDF]

The Freedom of a Christian: Martin Luther’s Reformation of Law & Liberty, Mar 2005 [PDF]

Where Law & Religion Collide, Georgia Public Broadcasting, Oct 2005 [link to video]

Human Rights in a Secular Age?, Nov 2007

Rights, Resistance & Revolution in the Western Tradition: Early Protestant Foundations, Law & History Review, Fall 2008 [also as PDF]

Separation of Church & State - Calvin Style: A 500th Anniversary Celebration, Jan 2009 [link to RAM audio]

Religious Liberty: An Overview [as PDF]


Sex & Marriage

Consulting a Living Tradition: Christian Heritage of Marriage and Family, Christian Century, Nov 1996

The Perils of Celibacy: Clerical Marriage and the Protestant Reformation, Sept 2002 [PDF]

The Meanings of Marriage, First Things, Oct 2002

Church, State & Marriage: Three Reformation Models, Word & World, Winter 2003 [PDF]

Same-Sex Marriage, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Feb 2004 [PDF]

The Future of Marriage, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Feb 2008 [PDF]

Sex May Be Free, But Children Come with a Cost we must Accept, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Aug 2008 [PDF]



Introduction: Pluralism, Proselytism, And Nationalism In Eastern Europe, Journal of Ecumenical Studies, Winter-Spring 1999.

Confessions of a Christian Historian, First Things, Jan 2004

Scopes II & Beyond, Dec 2005 [PDF]


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