Wolterstorff, Nicholas

Wolterstorff, Nicholas

Nicholas Wolterstorff (b. 1932), a leading Reformed philosopher and theologian is Noah Porter Professor of Philosophical Theological (Emeritus) at Yale University.


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General Philosophy & Theology

Herman Dooyeweerd: An Appreciation [PDF]

Some Historical Examples of Control Beliefs, Chpt 1 of Reason Within The Bounds of Religion [PDF]

Response to Fides et Ratio, Pope John Paul's Encyclical Letter

How Calvin Fathered A Renaissance in Christian Philosophy, Feb 2001, Powerpoint slides or RAM audio.

Why Doing Isn't Everything, 2004 [PDF, response by Richard Hughes]


Political Theology

Justice As A Condition of Authentic Liturgy, Theology Today, Jan 1991. Responses from Dennis T. Olson, Lawrence Cunningham, Janet F. Fishburn

Are There Christian Foundations for Political Liberty?, 2005 [abstract and link to MP3]

Fallen Powers, Oct 2007 [PDF]

God's Power & Human Flourishing, 2008 [PDF]

The Place of Forgiveness in the Actions of the State [PDF, photocopy of chapter of book]



Ivory tower or holy mountain? Faith & Academic Freedom, Academe, Jan/Feb 2001.

Forty Years Later, Institute for Christian Studies Convocation, May 2008 [PDF]



Lament For A Son, pp7-13.

'The Grace That Shaped My Life', Autobiography from Kelly James Clark, Philosophers Who Believe, 1993 [PDF].



Report on Honeyman Lectures on love and justice [PDF]



Rights & Wrongs: An Interview with Nicholas Wolterstorff, Christian Century, Mar 2008


Reviews of Wolterstorff's Books & Other Engagements with Wolterstorff

Review of Until Justice by Ronald Goetz, Theology Today, July 1984.

Deane Peter-Baker, Wolterstorff's Reformed Epistemology, Ch 1 of Tayloring Reformed Epistemology, 2007 [PDF]


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